Defiant: Loaded Review (6/17/2019)

Miguel Meza

The newest episode of Defiant Wrestling’s weekly show Loaded went up on Sunday afternoon and was a spectacular addition to their series.

The show started out with a video package that detailed the disqualification of Pac in his Defiant World Heavyweight championship match with Rampage. We are officially 2 weeks away from Built To Destroy, their PPV coming up on June 29th, and Rampage is set to defend his title against David Starr. Meanwhile, Lizzy Styles vs. Lana Austin is set for Styles’ Women’s Championship.

The first match of the night was A Kid vs. Nathan Cruz in a singles match and was a solid opener that featured a speed vs. experience story where Cruz was the veteran and Kid was an up-and-comer that wanted to make a name for himself. It was a solid affair, with the quickness of A Kid coming off as impressive, and many counters that made it look very even, but lead to a decisive victory.

Cruz def. Kid via Submission (Republican’s Remorse) in 11:08


After the match, Nathan Cruz cut a very-meta but scathing promo on A Kid, claiming that he has no business in the ring with himself and should go to WWE.

Next up, Drake cuts a promo on No-Fun Dunne from his phone and promises to win the Hardcore Championship (Now called the “No Fun Championship) at Built To Destroy. He shows a plethora of weapons he plans to use, and it should be a brutal match.

Cut to the backstage area where Man Like Deiress is hanging out, and gets a match against Lucky Kid at Built To Destroy by Prince Ameen, seemingly about to build up Deiress, who has been impressive on the mic and in the ring as of late.

Next match is a non-title tag-team match between tag champs South Coast Connection and the partnership of RenBen (Conor Renshaw and Benji. This match has the stipulation that should RenBen win, they would get a title match at Built To Destroy. Conor Renshaw looks HUGE in this match, hitting some big power moves on the undermatched opponents of Sixx and Dunn, who rely on classic tag-team psychology. SCC wins via DQ after Sixx pulls off an Eddie Guerrero-like tactic, using Benji’s Magnificent 7 briefcase as a prop for playing opossum in front of the referee.

SCC win via DQ in 6:16


Connor Renshaw sees that Benji caused the loss, and after a little consideration, he decided to turn on his teammate and beat him in the ring along with the help of SCC. Visage comes in and saves Benji from any further beatdowns, and afterwards, Benji announces that he is cashing in the Magnificent 7 briefcase for a Tag Team Championships match against SCC, with Visage as his teammate.

Next up, Rory Coyle is seen in his film room, where he cuts a creepy promo on David Starr, and challenges him to a Video Massacre Match (whatever that is). The stipulation here is that if Coyle loses, he will refrain from any interference in David’s match at Built to Destroy.
Finally, we get the main event of tonight’s show, a match between the recently absent Internet Champion Martin Kirby and Simon Miller.

This match comes after Simon Miller challenged for it, with Kirby being largely dismissive in the build. Of course, Miller is well known for his popular YouTube series on WhatCulture Wrestling’s channel “Why” along with his “Ups and Downs” review series. The match was a very interesting story, with Miller being fresh off a few injuries that hampered his beginning as wrestling and Kirby being a seasoned veteran. The tale of an up-and-comer vs. veteran was a bit of a theme with this episode. The match started very slow with some headlock takedowns and chain wrestling, but Miller comes across as a natural so far. He has a bit of a Davey Boy Smith-like factor to his abilities. There is a bit of dirty play by both sides, as Kirby goes for a shot with his championship, but instead goes for a kick to Simon’s groin when the ref is distracted. Meanwhile, Miller almost got an upset victory after hitting Kirby with the belt while the ref was distracted. Despite Simon hitting his Ups and Downs (sit out power slam), Kirby is able to kick out and go for a roll-up while Miller is in disbelief.

Kirby def. Miller via pinfall (inside cradle) in 12:53.


Kirby attacks Miller after the match, only for Nathan Cruz to come out. Cruz buries Simon, calling him “Goldberg without the talent” and that he should stick to giving his irrelevant opinions on YouTube before we cut away to the backstage area.

It is here, where Prince Ameen announces that Martin Kirby will be set to defend his championship against Joe Hendry at Built To Destroy, much to the chagrin of Kirby as the show goes off the air.

Overall Episode Grade: 7.9/10

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Photo Courtesy of Defiant

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