“Damn Spinelli, You look good on that poster…”: An interview with Kc Spinelli ahead of “The Summit”

August 10th, 2019 marks perhaps the grandest occasion of the year for women’s wrestling as Rise, Shimmer, Femme Fatales and Smash Wrestling put their heads together for a mega event called “The Summit”, to be held The Midtown Event Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On paper, this may be the most stacked women’s card of the year in which all of the promotions major titles will be defended on the same show.

One bout, in particular, will mark the historic crowning of the first ever Smash Wrestling women’s champion in a bout that touts two competitors with a plethora of history as Kc Spinelli is slated to challenge Rosemary to determine whose name will be listed as that coveted number one in the history books. Smash Wrestling announced the match on twitter a few weeks back, asking fans to comment on who would walk out the champion and in that first fan poll post it seems that Rosemary emerged as the clear cut favorite in the eyes of the Smash Wrestling faithful.  

Never one to bat an eye at a challenge, Spinelli shared the post and responded with a resounding pair of verbal middle fingers to those naysayers stating: “If you’re paying attention to the fans’ picks, you’re not paying respect to the future first Smash Wrestling women’s champion…”

With the Rosemary showdown on the horizon, it was business as usual over the weekend as Spinelli traveled to London to compete for both Ultimate Pro Wrestling and British Empire Wrestling on a pair of high caliber cards, but was kind enough to take a moment to give us her thoughts on Smash Wrestling, and the prospect of making history at “The Summit”.

1) Your match at “The Summit” will crown the first ever Smash Wrestling Women’s champion. What would that mean to you personally if you were to walk away from this event as the champ?

Smash has slept on Kc Spinelli since the second she came home. Rosemary turned her back on Spinelli and made an example out of her before she fully turned into the demon.

To annihilate her in the same ring she came to be, in her home promotion of Smash Wrestling would be one word…Glorious.  

2) I find it’s incredibly fitting that you will be stepping into the ring with Rosemary and think it is a wonderful matchup given your history. What was your reaction to learning that this was the match up?

My reaction was “Damn Spinelli, you look good on that poster.” We’ve teamed up and faced off but no other match has had a stipulation like first Women’s Champion. Spinelli’s thoughts…

“I just lost my UK Championship, now’s my opportunity to become triple champion again”.

3) This is an incredible event with so much talent, coupled with intriguing match-ups on all fronts. Do you feel any type of nerves or are you just ready to enjoy this and take it all in? What other bouts are you excited to watch?

This whole card is amazing. Any women’s wrestling fan should be making sure not to miss this.

4) Tell us a little bit about your history in Smash Wrestling and how it led to this moment.

There’s not too much history between Spinelli and Smash. Smash uses Spinelli to exploit her Canadian background when it comes to “CanUsa” but only because they know if they didn’t have her she would be representing her true nation.

5) On a personal note, I’ve really enjoyed what you have done in Impact Wrestling. I think you have done an exceptional job in the “Undead Maid of Honor” role. Can you tell us what it is like to play an alternate character or is kayfabe alive and well?

….. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

6) I am all about living positively and spreading that around. What motivates you to look forward and continue doing your best; not only in the sport but in your life in general?

Respect. Responsibility. Repercussions. My morals help me live a positive life.  

7) To end this interview, I would love for you tell us why you are leaving “The Summit” as champion.

I’ve explained how Rosemary tried to use me as a stepping stone and how Smash has passed on an incredible talent.Walking away Champion means neither can continue to look the other way. It’s Spinelli Time kids, buckle up!!

Photos Courtesy SHIMMER

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