DDT: Sumida Sports Pool Wrestling

On June 19, 2019, DDT Pro-Wrestle held their unique, entertaining, and exciting pool wrestling event. With a crowd of over 200 attending the auditorium at Tokyo Sumida Sports and Health Center. Fans of the DDT universe showed great excitement to see their favorite in-ring performers such as legendary DDT wrestler Michael Nakazawa, Chris Brooks, Sanshiro Takagi, Tetsuya Endo, and others from Dramatic Dream Team.

Here is what occurred on June 19, 2019 at DDT:

Ota main Endo vs Takeshita of the KO-D to OPENWEIGHT Game

The main event from Ota Tournament determined the decision for Endo vs. Takeshita of the KO-D Openweight Championship. Endo would gain the victory of the Game. Endo showed a great amount of defense in the pool and Takeshita would be challenged in this type of environment. However, Takeshita would show great offense, regardless of the difficult environment.

Comment from Endo

“Is because defense in Endo pool wrestling, for the first time? So again, I think that I want without the future. Only my name left in there, the name Tetsuya Endo.”-DDT

KO-D OPENWEIGHT championship game anytime, anywhere

Tetsuya Endo Vs. Sanshiro

Takagi dominated Endo by using the walls of the pool and the jacuzzi. Takagi would be thrown into the pool and powerbomb Endo. The battle continued in the swimming pool. Takagi began to lose some ability due to the water overpowering his face. He would escape and to grab some air. Endo would drop an impressive shooting star press.

Main Event

Chris Brookes | Watase Mizumoto Vs. Michael Nakazawa | Ihashi Tsuyoshi Futoshi

*The rest of the team Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo, Takeshita Miyukinokai & Katsumata Madokaba, HARASHIMA & Hirata Ichiki.

During the match, Nakazawa was put into a headlock. HARASHIMA was battling Katsumata in a waist float. Sasaki was fighting Takeshita, but Takeshita was thrown into the pool. Chris slipped. In 15 minutes, Katsumata ran to the side of the pool and got Watase in a headlock. After 20 minutes Katasumata and Chris begin to battle each other. Chris delivered a reverse chop to Katsumata. Katsumata fell. Chris delivered a foot stomp.

Quoted from DDT Pro:

“Watase the winning Chris partners blessing to piggyback is. Chris “is me with this got the king of the Medal of the pool. But to get another medal. KO-D’s throne to hand in Korakuen,” and he said, is Takagi of the theme song hit. When and where rights appeared in the water glasses appearance in a swim cap Takagi with a. Takagi exercise the right to say that “the most popular not gonna use this challenge right by!”. Suddenly, going for the KO-D OPENWEIGHT game has been sounded.”-DDT Pro

Photos Courtesy DDT

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