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Originally published in Issue 1 of Indie Empire Magazine.

Ashley Rose Nova takes a look into the career of ELP and provides an evaluation. Predicting the Canadian to have a dominating jr. heavyweight career.

To carry a title in pro-wrestling not only means you are relevant, but it also means you are celebrated for your achievements and contributions to the promotion. All champions should be celebrated and recognized for their hard work.

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El Phantasmo has carried several titles. The titles may not seem as important to the public, but to him, it is a symbol of pride. He always enters a ring with his head held high and showing passion for any title he currently has. His passion depicts a man who deeply loves any championship from around the world.

ELP would become one of the most accomplished Junior Heavyweights to ever compete in the squared circle. He would overcome challenges in life. Surviving a motorcycle crash and having a trivial halt in his career. Due to border issues, this halt would place his ability to expand his in-ring career outside of Canada. However, El Phantasmo would leave Canada and take the professional wrestling world by force.


Debuting in 2005, in a battle royal for Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling now known as Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling. A young ELP would show great promise as a performer. By March 2007 he would become a number 1 contender with his tag team partner Halo for the ECCW Tag Team Titles. The match would be tables, ladders, and chairs match being one of the most highlighted main events for ECCW in Vancouver. Halo and El Phantasmo would become tag team champions.


On July 2013, ELP would successfully win his first singles championship title for ECCW. He would hold and retain the ECCW Championship till January 18, 2014. Unfortunately, his loss would be to Ravenous Randy Myers at Ballroom Brawl 1. Ballroom Brawl would become one of the most popular shows for ECCW. By Ballroom Brawl 5 he would regain the opportunity to hold the ECCW Championship.  Winning by defeating Scotty Mac in a fierce steel cage match.

July 16, 2016, El Phantasmo would face Brian Cage at the Commodore, which would highlight his talents as an in-ring contender. This would be the only time ELP faced Brian Cage he would later in the future. However, this match displays his capability of having in-ring chemistry with an opponent of any size. Showing an abundance of in-ring psychology, some high flying, technical accuracy, and charisma. At Ballroom Brawl 7, ELP would lose his title to Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly answered ELP’s open challenge. May 27, 2017, would be his final match for ECCW.

After patience, challenges, and serenity El Phantasmo would finally be able to expand his career. Traveling to the United Kingdom without any bookings but with the anticipation and will to succeed. He would receive his first opportunity with RevPro. RevPro would become the promotion that he credits as giving him, his biggest opportunity. A promotion that took a chance and believed in him.

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His debut date for RevPro would be at the Cockpit 17 on June 4, 2017. He was beaten by David Starr. Nevertheless, El Phantasmo would join the British J Cup tournament and win in 2018.

El Phantasmo would go on to defeat David Starr and become the RevPro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion. The match lasted a brutal 27 mins and 53 seconds. The event took place at York Hall in Bethnal Green, Greater London, England, UK.


ELP has competed in several promotions such as German Wrestling Federation where he won the Light Heavyweight World Cup against Angelico. Others include Riot Wrestling, IPW, UPW, Defiant, All-Star Wrestling, ATTACK Pro-Wrestling, PROGRESS, 3 Count Wrestling, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Lucha Forever, and many more.

Photo:Carl Gac

One of the most impressive matches would be at TNT Extreme against Rey Fenix. The match displayed El Phantasmo’s experience with Lucha Libre and displayed his remarkable ability of rope use in a match. The match was close to 19 mins long but, it was high impacted with a quick pace. Showing an incredible display of Lucha Libre style. This is one of the most recommended matches in ELP’s career and should not be missed.


El Phantasmo would debut at New Japan Pro-wrestling at the New Japan Cup 2019. He would be announced as the newest member of the Bullet Club. Now that he is at the King of Sports, he would be able to truly display his talents and add something extra to their Junior Heavyweight Division.

NJPW World

El Phantasmo displays a unique look and feels when it comes to his style of pro-wrestling. His ability to sell appears graceful and unlike any other wrestler in the world. His high-flying moves can be described as elegant when being delivered. The wrestling style he provides and in-ring storytelling cannot be defined as anyone else. It is apparent that his style is a marriage of stylizing that is from influences such as Lucha Libre, Japanese Strong Style, British Strong Style, and Canadian technical wrestling. Which is remarkable and inspiring in a sense that it could influence the future generations of pro-wrestling.  Creating a dominating Cruiserweight style.

Images & Video Courtesy of NJPW | ECCW | CWE Canada|Carl Gac

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