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One promotion that is on the rise again is MLW. MLW standing for Major League Wrestling has generated buzz around social media and it is highly recommended by not only myself, but the legends of the wrestling world such as Jim Cornette, Tony Shiavone, and much more as many stars of tomorrow are in this promotion.

The promotion was founded in 2002 by Court Bauer in Philadelphia, PA. It has also had its own television show named MLW Underground TV as we see the current stars and legends at the time with the likes of Jerry Lynn, Shane Douglas, The Wall, Vampiro, Steve Corino, Low Ki, and Teddy Hart on this show with their stories and feuds that lead to championship gold. However, in 2004, the promotion went on a long hiatus due to the lack of funding. In 2017, the promotion returned bigger, badder, and better than ever as they started doing shows across the country and has gained much fan support. Their roster is also very stacked now as it features the World Tag Team Champions The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith JR and Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart), Austin Aries, National Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone, MJF, La Park, Mance Warner, Ricky Martinez, Jimmy Havoc, Aria Blake, Brian Pillman JR, Jacob Fatu, Low Ki, Marchall and Ross Von Erich (also my personal favorites since I watched World Class Championship Wrestling when I was younger when my dad gave me tapes that he recorded in the mid 1980s), and their World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. These are the stars of the show that you will have to pay close attention to as not only that they are talented and passionate about the promotion, but they are also different from each other no matter if you boo or cheer them. Their roles fit perfectly whether if it is during the match or an in-ring interview. You will not be disappointed. Trust me!

Their next big events are in July 6th in Chicago titled Kings of Colosseum, July 25th in Queens, NY titled Never Say Never, and September 7th in Dallas, TX titled War Chamber as it will be the homecoming of the Von Erich family as this would be the first match of any member of that family in the state of Texas in years and also, the debut of the War Chamber match. It was also recently announced that wrestling legend Savio Vega will make his MLW debut at the show. He has been in the industry for years in the United States and Puerto Rico so I am looking forward to seeing him on that show.

Legendary wrestling announcer Tony Shiavone will also return to the promotion during their television tapings to provide commentary during the show. The commentary lineup is very strong as we have him along with Jim Cornette, Matt Striker, and Rich Bocchini. It will also be interesting to hear Tony and Cornette call a match together.

Check out MLW when you get the chance and let me know what do you think!

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