Interview: PCW Canadian Champion Jay Walker

When did your love of pro-wrestling begin?

At the local rental video store, I seen a poster for WrestleMania 6 with Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior. I would’ve been 3 at the time. Seeing those 2 superhero-like characters with lightning…it just sold me. I watched the VHS & was hooked the second it started. 

This is the 4th time you have held the Canadian Championship, what does it mean to you?

You would think winning the same championship a 4th time wouldn’t feel special anymore. But given the platform that I’ve been building now on social media, I feel like it’s my responsibility to not only make the championship feel like a big deal, but also my opponents and give them an opportunity to showcase themselves while in the ring with me.

What do you want to achieve with your pro-wrestling career?

I want it to become my full-time job. Whether that involves signing a major contract or just doing my own thing, I want to be able to focus on this 100% and give it my all and really make my name out in the wrestling world.

Who was your biggest influence in this industry?

Early on? Easily Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho. All smaller guys who made it to the top with their work ethic, charisma & passion for giving the fans the best show possible. Being from Manitoba, Jericho easily showed me that this was very possible to pursue even though I never understood how to get involved.

What is your favorite memory or event you have competed at PCW?

It was PCW’s 14th Anniversary Spectacular. Myself against then Canadian Champion, Shao Ming. He’d taken the title from me, we created this great backstory and just had the most fun match I’ve ever had. With so many twists, turns & gaga, the crowd was hooked from bell to bell. I think we’d gone about 10 minutes and it looked like the match was legitimately over, but that’s when we were just getting started. We just piled on the drama more and more. It’s my favorite match to date.

What does PCW mean to you?

PCW to most is just 3 letters or just another local independent promotion. But the P stands for Premier. The fans, as well as the wrestlers, hold themselves to a certain caliber of performance that rivals some of the biggest promotions out there. I see the new talent now and they express it to me that there’s this added pressure that’s not there with other shows. There’s a prestige, an aura & certain magic that surrounds PCW & it’s history. Being around for 17 years, having it be the stomping grounds of Kenny Omega & so many other great performers over the years…it’s special. It’s home to me. 

Who’s provided you with the best advice about pro-wrestling and what was it?

There’s so many bits that I’ve carried with me over the years. Working early in my career with a WWE Hall of Famer, he showed me to not think too hard, it can be very easy to get people invested in you. Adam Knight is a guy who was very patient with me to help build the foundation of my skills. He showed me respect, how to pay it forward & presence in the ring. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. And of course, Kenny taught me how important it is to tell a story in the ring. Those are words I die by now. Andrew Shallcross, the promoter of PCW, is the world’s greatest producer and should be working for a major promotion in that role. He knows how to tell a story in a big way so it registers with the audience. I always love his advice before & after matches because he always gets the bigger picture.

What do you want to say to the kids that want to be in this business?

Go for it & don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it. The internet has evolved so much since when I was a kid. There are plenty of resources and training schools that do it right. Go live your dream. You’ll either fall in love or realize it’s not for you but you’ll never have that doubt in your mind of ‘what if’. It’s 100% worth it!

How do you want people in Canada or around the world to remember you in the future when you decide to hang up your boots?

I was a kid who wasn’t going to take no for an answer. This is what I wanted to do my whole life. Being introverted, I forced myself out of my shell. With no training school, I worked hard at it & held myself to a higher standard & was lucky enough to be surrounded by some great minds. With not many places to work in the middle of nowhere Manitoba, Canada…I made a name for myself in spite of that because I believed in the power of people’s voices online. Through my hard work, storytelling & positive outlook, I connected with people on a level that most would take for granted. And I was able to give so much back to those starting out. I try so hard to work with talent starting out to help show them all the lessons I’ve learned on my way up the ladder so that they can improve and connect with the audience as well. Don’t give up because if you’re willing to do the work & be kind, the opportunities are endless!

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