JustNeph Talks about his upcoming match at Warriors of Wrestling

Julian Cannon

JustNeph had a match at the recent Warriors of Wrestling show at Staten Island, NY against Chris Steeler. Before that match and event happened, I had the chance to interview JustNeph as we talked about his upcoming match, a funny road story, and who would he like to wrestle with in the future. JustNeph is known in the New York area and has wrestled at Warriors of Wrestling, Tier-1 Wrestling, and BPW.

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I would like to say thanks for taking the time for taking part in this quick interview. So, I have watched your work in person and online in various ways such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Your presence is growing. How does it feel for you to see that you have your fans watching you in the ring whether if it is social media or in person?

I’m always appreciative of those who have been and who choose to follow me on this crazy journey. My job is to entertain and as long as people are getting that from me, I’m happy. I still got a lot of work to do but as they say “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”

That I agree with you on! The fans that have watched you also supports you so that is a huge plus! Speaking of the fans, What is the funniest fan interaction you have ever had? 

I’d say the funniest fan interaction I’ve had would probably be a fan who is a long time fan of Warriors of Wrestling. When I broke in I was a manager and not the nicest guy. This elderly woman was yelling things at me and so I walked up to her and said to the person she was with “Who let grandma out of the home? Better get her back before she misses Murder She Wrote.” She always seemed to remember that moment cause now she is one of my bigger fans in Staten Island and always tells people the story about how I told her to go back to her old folks home. 

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Oh my god! I can imagine what she said while that was going on! Now I have been to the shows before in Staten Island and the building gets packed at each show and I am happy to see how far the promotion has come. Now you have a match this weekend against Chris Steeler. How prepared are you for this match and since this is a rematch, how confident are you with scoring the victory?

Last time Steeler and I were in that ring, it was for the WOW championship. I was slighted because The Hostile Collective got involved. This time I have confirmation, it will just be us two. I’ve watched his footage since then and definitely have a couple of different game plans in mind. I’m ready for what he might throw at me. 

I am hopeful that you win the match and then next thing you know, you will have Heavyweight Championship around your waist! I am really looking forward to the show. Sonny Kiss is also signed with AEW now. How did you all hear the news about the announcement? Did he tell you before the rally, or did you all find out the day that it aired? 

I’ve known Sonny for a couple of years now and we’ve grown to be great friends. We discussed it a bit but honestly, whether he told me or social media, it was only a matter of time before he was performing on a grand stage. Sonny is as talented as they come and anything less than complete success is not in his cards.

It is great to see where he is now and I am going to see how he does when AEW premiers on TNT in the fall. But back to you JustNeph, do you have any funny road stories or locker room stories? 

Sure, I mean when you’re on the road for hours at a time for shows you run into some pretty interesting circumstances. One time, JGeorge and I were booked on a show in Connecticut. This ride is normally a 2-2 and half hour ride. However, that particular day it was rumored for snow and was that rumor ever true. We hit a blizzard about halfway in. The roads were so bad we were driving barely 20 miles an hour because any more and the car would begin to slide. That drive took us over 4 hours that day and it’s probably one of the worst I’ve ever had. Thankfully JGeorge is a great co-pilot and we made it but oh man those days. 

Good thing that we are in the summer now so that way we will not have to endure the snow anymore! But that must have been very brutal. My final question is who are your dream opponents that you would like to have a match with and where would you like to wrestle that you have not wrestled at before?

Oh man, dream opponents. I think I would have loved to have worked with Jerry Lynn in his prime but he’s retired. I’d love to get one match with Blue Demon Jr. His legacy and his father’s legacy are so large in this business that for me it’d be something I can tell my kids about. As far as new debuts, I’d love to get a shot at working on Beyond which is on my mini bucket list. I’m always open to new debuts though and appreciate anyone who can find a place to let me do my art on their roster. 

That would be awesome to see you vs Jerry Lynn as he was one of my favorites in ECW. The best way to get your name out is to try different promotions so I can see why you are open to going to them. JustNeph I wish you luck on your match against Chris Steeler this weekend at Warriors of Wrestling and we are all rooting for you!

Thanks a lot man. This Saturday, we’ll make magic.

Photos Courtesy of Strong Style Studios | Stiehl Photography

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