Ring of Honor – Weekly Show Review (6/16/2019)

Miguel Meza

Ring of Honor had its most recent weekly show, in which they heavily promoted their upcoming PPV Best in The World, which is going to be Friday, June 28th from Baltimore, Maryland at the UMBC Event Center and live on PPV and HONOR Club.

Hiroki Goto vs. Hikaleo 

The opening match of the night was a one-on-one contest between NJPW’s own Hiroki Goto and Hikaleo of the Bullet Club. Hikaleo is definitely an upstart with a lot of potentials, giving his family ties to the likes of Tanga Loa and impressive height but Goto seemed heavily favored from the start. It was a standard, but expertly done by Goto to help carry a lot of the offense through his veteran grappling ability but his opponent came off looking energetic and very capable of giving Goto a good match and he did. The story told here was whether or whether not Goto could get him up for a Shigaroshi neck breaker, and he eventually would and followed it up with an RTS.

Goto def. Hikaleo via pinfall in 7:07


We see a video package that highlights the recent loss for Dalton Castle at the hands of Dragon Lee, and he makes a vow to return to form and reclaim his position as a  star by getting a win over Lee at Best In The World.

After this, Kenny King is seen backstage gloating to the camera over his recent win over Jay Lethal with his own finishing maneuver; the Lethal Injection. Very braggadocios, but very entertaining.

The next segment of the night was supposed to be a title match between Women’s Tag Team champs Jenny Rose and Kelly Klein and Allure but was canceled after the champions were jumped from behind while in the ring.

We get a video package that highlights The Briscoe’s recent run-ins with NWA talents Nick Aldis and Colt Cabana, who have taken offense to their brash behavior such as attacking the referees and wrestlers. This is leading up to their tag-team match set at the PPV.

PJ Black and LifeBlood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Eli Isom, & Ryan Nova

This was an amazing match, very quick to get started. There was a little bit of hot dogging and grandstanding with both teams in the early going, particularly with Nova & Ison against Lifeblood. PJ Black makes an excellent third member of their team, and after some frenetically paced action, there were high spots all around. The match was closely contended but ended after PJ hit an awe-inspiring moonsault double foot stomp to the gut of Nova.

LifeBlood def. Shinobi Shadow Squad via pinfall in 7:23


Afterward, Tracy Williams cut a pretty strong promo on Bully Ray and issued an open challenge for anyone who thinks they can stop Lifeblood.

Jeff Cobb vs. PCO vs. Rush vs. Jay Lethal

Finally, it is our main event, the four corners survival match, which had me salivating at the possible spots and was made even more entertaining by the guest commentary from ROH World Champion Matt Taven, who was there to see who he would face against at Best in The World. The match did not disappoint and was a sleeper contender for match of the month. Everyone had their time to shine as Rush had some back and forth grappling with Jeff Cobb, meanwhile, PCO played a wild-card big man role of sorts. All three were trading giant slams, suplexes, and even a few dives to the outside every now and then. All the while, Jay Lethal played the clean fan-favorite, as they all matched a very quick and concise tempo all the way up to the finish which saw Kenny King interfere while Lethal was looking to put away Cobb. This lead to Cobb hitting his Tour of the Islands slam to finish Lethal and pick up the win.

Jeff Cobb def. Jay Lethal via pinfall in 11:02.


Overall episode grade: 


That’s the show for the last week and it is the second-to-last show before Best in The World, and all-in-all, the fans look to be in for another treat as the builds have been solid, with the card looking like this so far:

The Briscoes vs. Colt Cabana & Nick Aldis

Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose (c) vs. Angelina Love & Mandy Leon for the ROH Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Bandido vs. Shane Taylor for the ROH World Television Championship.

Silas Young vs. Johnathan Gresham in a Pure/Scientific Rules Match

Flip Gordon vs. Rush

Villain Enterprises vs. Lifeblood & PJ Black for the ROH 6-Man Championships.

Matt Taven (c) vs. Jeff Cobb for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

Photo courtesy of ROH

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