Rise, Shimmer, Femme Fatales and Smash Wrestling join forces for “The Summit”

By Nicholas Grooms

In this current renaissance era of pro wrestling, it’s only fitting that the biggest promotions on the independent landscape put their collective heads together to form an event unlike any other. On August 10, 2019 Rise, Shimmer, Femme Fatales and Smash Wrestling will gather in Toronto to join forces for one of the most memorable women’s independent wrestling events in history. It’s an all women’s night of firsts, boasting everything from marquee championship bouts to revisited feuds so good that you’ll want to renew your passport and make your way North to be front and center for the event dubbed “The Summit”. Here is a look at the best of the best bouts and competitors slated for an event that can only be described as “landmark”.

Mercedes Martinez (C) vs. Jordynne Grace (Femme Fatales Championship Bout)

“Thick Mama Pump” Jordynne Grace has been one of the fastest rising stars in women’s wrestling. In just a two year window she has climbed the ladder from promising talent to be one of the most booked stars on the indy circuit. She recently signed a contract with Impact wrestling, she was the lone female competing in All In’s “Over the Budget Battle Royal” match and has recently begun competing in power-lifting tournaments, all while dominating the marquee of Indy show posters galore. Grace has been just about everywhere, putting her beat down on opponents so often that it makes you wonder who the next big challenger can even be. Enter Mercedes Martinez, who is equally powerful and has the ring experience factor on her side. In what promises to be a true battle of brute force, Grace vs. Martinez is a dream match by every definition of the term. Can Grace dethrone the champion or will Mercedes add another victim to her list? Either way, it has all the makings of stealing the show.

Delilah Doom vs. Shotzi Blackheart

The “Rise” veterans have met three times over the course of their rivalry and it has amounted into a record of 1-1-1. Toronto will surely be the moment we see who gets the true “1 Up” and bragging rights over the other.  Delilah Doom has fought back from an unfortunate 2018 injury to reclaim her stake as one of the most adored indy circuit fan favorites and Blackheart has been on an absolute tear in recent months. Their last meeting ended in a draw and last October they were unable to win the “Guardians of RISE tag team titles” as a pairing dubbed “Balls of Doom”, leaving both hungry for a big win at “The Summit”. This should be a good one.

KC Spinelli vs. Rosemary (Smash Wrestling Women’s Championship)

Will crown the first ever Smash Wrestling Women’s Champion, we see another feud revisited as KC Spinelli clashes with the ever deadly, Rosemary. With both history and the internet fan prediction pick on her side, Rosemary is the clear favorite entering the matchup. That being said, KC Spinelli revels in the opportunity to play spoiler stating “If you’re paying attention to the fans’ picks, you are not paying respect to the first future Smash Wrestling women’s champion.”  Will the underdog Spinelli be crowned or will it be another victory for “The Hive” in Toronto?

Nicole Matthews vs. Nicole Savoy (Shimmer Championship)

Two veterans of the Shimmer promotion who have held gold and earned the respect of wrestling fans everywhere they have stepped. Both have battled an impressive list of opponents in route to earning their top spots. Savoy may be the champion, but Matthews has home field advantage and that may make all the difference. This may be the most balanced match on the card on paper and I cannot wait to see who comes out on top.

Zoe Lucas (C) vs. Aerial Monroe (Phoenix of Rise Championship)

Two emerging stars will battle for the coveted Phoenix of Rise Championship. Zoe Lucas oozes potential and it’s easy to see why she has captured gold in two notable promotions so early in her career. Lucas managed to play spoiler to Monroe’s Shimmer debut in April of last year and may have the upper-hand going into this one, but Monroe can make a huge statement with a win and leave Toronto with her biggest win to date. Either way, we are going to bear witness to the true future of the women’s independent circuit. Lucas may be the favorite on paper, but don’t tell that to “Big Swole”; August 10th might just be her night.

Allysin Kay vs. Lufisto vs. Priscilla Kelly vs. Cheerleader Melissa (Fatal 4 Way)
I had to save the match I am most excited about for last. A fatal four way featuring 4 of the best women to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots…somebody pinch me! Lufisto announced her impending retirement earlier in the year, so I expect her to be at her very best in her quest for a win but many believe Allysin Kay or Cheerleader Melissa has the edge in this contest. Personally, I feel the dark horse competitor, Priscilla Kelly could be in tow for a huge win that would see her defeat three legends of the sport in one night. Kelly has managed to get her name circulating over the last year, but she will need more than shock value if she plans to come out of this one with her hand raised. My prediction: An absolute classic.

For more information on “The Summit” event, you can visit each promotion at their respective websites. The event is happening in conjunction with a four day period of events happening in Toronto including an already sold out Rise seminar featuring women’s wrestling legend Bull Nakano and a Smash Wrestling event entitled “Super Showdown VII” which will feature additional bouts from some of “The Summit” competitors like Jordynne Grace & Rosemary but will also feature superstars like Cima, Lindaman and T-Hawk. There will be other shows as well, including an Aug 7th Progress Wrestling event featuring names like Walter, Trent Seven and more. It is a four day weekend that cannot be missed, highlighted by the many talented women who will make “The Summit” an event unlike any other.

Photos Courtesy SHIMMER

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