Interview: GLOW Creator David McLane Talks About the Upcoming Second Season of WOW & Netflix Series

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The upcoming season of WOW (Women of Wrestling) premieres in a few weeks exclusively on Axis TV as fans are eager to see how the WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard will defend her Championship against the roster in the upcoming season. Tessa and the other key people of WOW will also be attending San Diego Comic-Con next month as well and the fans will have an opportunity to meet them in person. I recently had the chance to interview the creator of WOW and also GLOW David Mclane as we went over the upcoming season of WOW and what we can expect in this exclusive interview below.

How did the TV deal of Axis come? to be and walk me through the whole process from the beginning.

Axis TV came together through the four wisdom of an introduction made by Mark Burnett to Mark Cuban and Mark Cuban knew about women’s wrestling via His friendship with Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers. And Mr. Cuban as you know owns the Dallas Mavericks right. He had reached out to find out what was WOW up to what was WOW planning to do and was there a potential fit for Axis TV and he asked his president and CEO Andrew Simon who then contacted me and did due diligence. Well, the thought process as you know, Axis TV is doing New Japan Pro Wrestling. They had developed that over a period of time very slowly and methodically and built it into a very successful brand here in America that had the opportunity to do live events. And that was due to Axis as perfect an excellent marketing strategy of building up the brand slowly and increasing the value of their Friday night fight. Subsequently, Mark Cuban and Andrew Simon thought why not take WOW and bring it on board and make it part of its Friday night fights. Family and the goal was that WOW would be successful enough to secure the same audience as New Japan wrestling. Little did we know, that the audience would grow and expand itself even beyond the strong male demographic that New Japan captures and capture a wider broader family audience which is evident from our live events. When you see them especially this coming up the season which you’ll be airing in July with a brand new season too on Axis, you’ll see a lot of young demographics and kids that you don’t see in another wrestling programming those steps do not do we date. We debuted last January with an original eight-episode series with tremendous support from the fans across America that love wrestling that loves Axis TV that loves Friday Night fight and the decision was made to increase that viewership with an additional 24 episodes ordered for Season 2. And that’s what kicks off in July. And we left off as you well know in season one with Tessa Blanchard winning that championship and defeating Jungle Girl in the very last clip of Season 1 showcase. Therefore, while superheroes that felt they needed an opportunity in the ring to go against the champions and that is the opening that you’ll see in September on our second season you’ll be seeing the beast Jungle Girl who many thoughts were unfairly and justifiably possibly had a championship belt taken away from her and having the 300 pound monster in the ring vying for going against Tessa Blanchard for the WoW world championship. And that will be the main emphasis for season two on Access TV that of being Tessa Blanchard having to now instead of Chase for the bell defend the world championship against some pretty strong competitors.

if it wasn’t those two competitors, who would you have seen going for the championship?

Well, I know who does. Because we just finished taping it. But it will be one of those three I will tell you. Jungle Girl. Havoc or The Beast and one of them will be challenging her on episode twelve of this next season. And it will be a stunning victory that that will shock everyone. It will send ripples through the wrestling community. Another big note for this upcoming season on Axis TV is we’ll be having a Tag Team Championship Series. Oh yes there’ll be several tag teams emerging including Havoc is bringing in a friend of hers from the independent circuit who’s and they make up the monsters of madness. And then we have The Sipho Sisters emerging which are razor mares Mariah in fury and they are the most colorful trio if you will in wrestling that I’ve ever seen with their wild makeup and hair color and they’ll be fighting and within the series in the series. The Dixie Darlings who are brand new competitors to professional wrestling two young girls from the hills of Virginia who have literally come out to L.A. left in their car for three months and trained at the WOW Training Center in Long Beach, California. That’s run by Selena Majors. long time veteran professional wrestler from Georgia They did not win it. I’ll tell you that. But they did really well in their debut in wow. And the fans loved them. They’ll all be in action and then fire meets a young girl and just loves her and her name is adrenaline and fire and adrenaline are two scrappy competitors. Well, I know who does. Because we just finished taping it. But it will be one of those three I will tell you. Jungle Girl. Havoc or The Beast and one of them will be challenging her on episode twelve of this next season. And it will be a stunning victory that that will shock everyone. It will send ripples through the wrestling community. Another big note for this upcoming season on Axis TV is we’ll be having a Tag Team Championship Series. Oh yes there’ll be several tag teams emerging including Havoc is bringing in a friend of hers from the independent circuit who’s and they make up the monsters of madness.

I also wanted to bring up that Las Vegas is the touring city for everyone including the crowd. I want to know what makes Vegas unique. Over the other cities across the country for WOW to be taped? 

It’s Las Vegas and it’s always fun to go to Las Vegas and have live events taped from Vegas. However, one thing about Las Vegas is when you’re doing a taping, It’s primarily you know, they’re great for boxing and they were great for all only wrestling but they’re primarily male. 24-44-Year-old males who also flies to Vegas and stays in the casino. These events are shot in downtown Los Angeles six blocks from the Staples Center at the historic and gorgeous and beautiful Belasco Theater. And we have those events there purposely for the purposes of we are just passed with kids that come in with their families their mom and their dad and they come in and watch the superheroes and we have a lot of women and a lot of women that bring their daughters to see the superhero they look up to some of these women the entire roster. 

Who stands out the most in your entire roster?

Obviously, Tessa Blanchard stands out the most because she’s the World Champion. And in terms of excitement, the combination of Razor Mesmerize and the Psycho Sisters clearly may be said to be the most entertaining the most conniving is clearly a line of the star. She’s always got something up her sleeve bringing some new twist to WOW in the viewer’s respectful of who she brings to WOW and what she’s always manipulating and trying to do. And in terms of bringing in someone International, Sophia Lopez really stands out. She always is bringing in new talent and all people from Mexico which we appreciate Due to the love of Lucha Libre wrestling so they all stand out in my eyes. Also, one started in our office and worked for me is Samantha Smart. And in terms of one angering the crowd with her brash arrogance and her ability to help manage a professional wrestler from the independent circuit who is the disciplinarian, she stood out to me. She went from the corporate office to the ring and has really surprised me and how well she’s done and she’s a great manager. But in this coming, season you’re going to see just a shocker at the very end of the season and I can’t say I will reveal what it is, but it is going to be a shocker. Not only with respect to the championship match but also at the very end of the conclusion of this first twelve run. It’s going to be a shocker. Who emerges in WOW. 

Even though you can’t give anything away from 1 to 10 how would you rate the “shocking moment”?

A 10. More importantly most importantly Julian, I started GLOW when I started watching men’s wrestling with Dick the Bruiser and I got exposed to women’s wrestling then. Then I got the ability to, fortunately, start GLOW, but I never got to see the vision materialize to what my vision was. This coming up a season of WOW on Axis TV, is the culmination of my vision of having the best wrestlers with the best production with the best live events atmosphere. Those three things are combined in Axis TV’s presentation this fall and so I’m very proud of it. From the lighting to the production, Axis TV is proud. The wrestling storyline the combination of stars and the tag team tournaments and most importantly what everyone will notice is the enthusiasm of the audience and the crowd. This is the first time that the audience really knew many of the superheroes that they came to watch when the taping because the original taping took place without it ever being seen on television. This last event that was taped here in Los Angeles at the Blasko was the audience knew many of the wrestlers that wrestling. And the enthusiasm level was fifteen out of 10. And I think that’s financially because of the television product. 

I wanted to ask you Have you seen the Netflix version of GLOW? And if you did, how accurate was it to the original promotion that you founded?

I’ve seen it. I thought it was pretty well done beyond. Well done. I compliment the writers too I thought they got the overall arty essence of it very well. That being the sisterhood of the women that participated. I think it got the accuracy with respect to the sisterhood of the wrestlers the chilling glow perfectly. And I think that’s what resonated with the audience. It captured that essence that we all loved in the movie A League of Their Own that Madonna Rosie O’Donnell and Geena Davis participated in. And that’s what’s ironic the ironic thing is Geena Davis was in that movie and now Gina Davis is in the Glow series. She debuts this August in the Glow series on Netflix. And so ironic that she also participated in the League of Their Own Movie that Penny Marshall produced with Pamela back respectful and respectful of their accuracy on other things it would. They’ve got a lot of fantasy just for the purposes of entertainment. There was no machine dispensing Quaaludes and drugs. There was zero cocaine use and there’s no other end in the character that plays me. The only thing I used to do for fun is having a nice Heineken beer and play a nickel slot machine the k. I was like online then I’ve matured now to do wine and drink beer. The second season in terms of entertainment was equally as entertaining but less about the wrestling. And I’m anxious to see this third season where the talent has moved in a bus to go to Las Vegas to perform because I think it’ll wrap in a bit more of the adventure and fun of Vegas which went along with the wrestling. 

My final question for you is anyone that’s around the world that you want to see on WOW and also your final impressions of what can we expect this season two?

The answer is yes. And that person is coming to wow and I can’t reveal who it is. The first is the first person I wanted in WOW. Based on the suggestion of art head trainer Selena majors was Tessa Blanchard’s. By faith, I met her at a wrestling show. We are elbows hit in a food line and we sat and we spoke and she was in WOW Within 72 hours. Now the question is after her Is there anyone else that I want to see and that’s not a WOW. And the answer is yes. And I just met her two days ago and I just signed her today. The first person I wanted in wow the first person I wanted in WoW.

Axis TV has moved Women of Wrestling from its Friday night fight lineup within the boxing to a special dedicated night to professional wrestling and its Saturday night slam on Axis TV as New Japan Pro Wrestling and WOW take over on Saturday night for a brand new branding of their weekend lineup. So Axis TV has expanded their fan base loyalty and love for five to two nights versus one night so Friday night they got the boxing and then on Saturday night, you’ve got professional wrestling with New Japan Pro Wrestling and then the women on WOW are wrestling. kicking it all every Saturday night at 8 o’clock. 

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