Ring of Honor Weekly Show Review – June 21st, 2019

Miguel Meza

Another week of ROH action has occurred, and this is the go-home show for Ring of Honor heading into Best in The World even though it did not feel as grand as the last week’s episode.

The show opened up with a video highlight package that entails the rivalry between Kenny King and Jay Lethal, pushing the narrative of Kenny’s obsession with Lethal. Along with Colt Cabana’s rivalry with The Briscoes, this is one of the more exciting storylines heading into the PPV.

Mark Briscoe vs. Colt Cabana for National Championship

Strangely enough, we got an NWA-sanctioned championship match between Colt Cabana and Mark Briscoe. Of course, The Briscoes have taken exception to the NWA and has shown a lack of respect, so why he has a title shot is a bit of a mystery. This match is pretty awesome, as Cabana played the crafty wrestler going against a brute. Jay was absent, but not for long. At one point, Mark teased a steel chair but ended up taking a Spanish fly onto the chair. Cabana hit Mark with a fan’s beverage as they brawled outside, before heading back to the ring for some exciting roll-ups. Finally, Cabana hit the Flying Apple and a springboard moonsault before Briscoe got his reverse uranagi and a Spicolly Driver to almost pick up a win. They got to the top rope for a move but Cabana was able to land a huge elbow and put on the unique Superman pin to win.

Cabana def. Mark Briscoe via pinfall in 13:26


Afterward, Jay Briscoe came to the ring to help his brother dish out a beatdown onto Cabana, who has no one to save him from getting hit in the face with his own belt before being left in the ring.

We then got a backstage promo from the ROH Television Champion Shane Taylor, who made it clear that he is gunning for Jay Lethal’s record 567 days with the belt.

Then there was another backstage promo but for the Allure, who say they’re the best in the world and will prove it so at the PPV which they also claim is named after them. Good stuff.

Silas Young vs. El Hijo De Squid

This was a strange squash match and felt highly unnecessary and way too comedic for the build of a PPV that is mere days away. The enhancement talent had a few hope spots, but an abdominal stretch by Young made for a quick match.

Young def. Hijo Del Squid via submission in 1:01


Kenny King vs. Jay Lethal (Best of 3, Match 2, Kenny leads)

This was a very interesting match, and performed to a very high degree of quality but lacked some of the ferocity that has been brewing between these two wrestlers. Kenny King coming out with a broom is a nice touch (he’s looking to sweep). King’s rise to prominence and Lethal’s confidence in his own ability to remain on top has been an awesome story. Unfortunately, this match did not live up to the animosity that is supposed to be there between the two. There were some really smooth reversals that showcased the craftiness of King, but Lethal seemed to still be in a bigger league with how he worked the crowd. This was saved by the finish of the match, but a lot of the massive maneuvers and counters made the match feel a bit too systematic by both.

Lethal def. King via DQ in 9:05


After getting himself disqualified for hitting Lethal with a steel chair, King doubled down and viciously attacked Lethal with the chair. He even placed his arm between the chair and stomped on it before getting on the microphone to say he allowed for Lethal to win because he knows there is more at stake at Best In The World.

Finally, the show ended with a backstage promo from ROH World Champion Matt Taven as he ran down his opponent Jeff Cobb. He claimed that holding NJPW, CMLL, and ROH gold prove his worth as a champion in the company and vows to defeat “Jeff Slob” at Best in The World.

Overall Episode Grade: 7.2/10

Best in The World is going to be Friday, June 28th from Baltimore, Maryland at the UMBC Event Center and live on PPV and HONOR Club, and this is currently the card set for tonight.

The Briscoes vs. Colt Cabana & Nick Aldis

Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose (c) vs. Angelina Love & Mandy Leon for the ROH Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Bandido vs. Shane Taylor for the ROH World Television Championship.

Silas Young vs. Johnathan Gresham in a Pure/Scientific Rules Match

Flip Gordon vs. Rush

Villain Enterprises vs. Lifeblood & PJ Black for the ROH 6-Man Championships.

Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King (Best of 3 Series, Match 3)

Matt Taven (c) vs. Jeff Cobb for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship.

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