NJPW: Robbie Eagles Joins Chaos

As New Japan’s Australia show Southern Showdown continued in the next location, Sydney. There would be some changes in the young Robbie Eagles attitude. In Melbourne, he received his title shot against Will Ospreay for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship. He would discard his fellow bullet club brother El Phantasmo and refuse his services of assistance to win the title. Eagles would strike El Phantasmo at that show, stating he had what was coming to him.

Things have not been alright with Eagles and the Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion since Best of the Super Jrs. Since El Phantasmo interfered in Robbie’s match assisting him with the win at Best of the Super Jrs.

Robbie would state that ELP’s actions were for himself and not Bullet Club. El Phantasmo would steal Eagle’s win.

In Melbourne, Eagles would lose against Will Ospreay. Which left the question where does Robbie Eagles stand? Robbie would team up with Bad Luck Fale and Jay white at the Sydney show.

Ospreay would end up pinning Eagles after his Stormbreaker finisher.

Bullet Club would attack Chaos after the match. Jay would then instruct Eagles to hit Ospreay with a chair. Eagles would take the chair and refuse to follow orders. Jay White the Leader of the Bullet Club would take it upon himself to do so and Robbie Eagles would stop him. Eagles would attack Jay White with Tanahashi and Okada Interfering.

Will would recover and confirm that Robbie Eagles is done with Bullet Club.

Photos Courtesy of NJPW.

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