Ring of Honor: Weekly Show Review – 6/28/2019

Miguel Meza

Ring of Honor has had its first show since Best In The World and the ramifications of the PPV were felt in this weekly episode.

PCO vs. Jay Briscoe

The show opened up with a strange match-up between PCO and one half of the Briscoes. This was a weird way to start the show, and despite their history between Villain Enterprises and Dem Boys, this was a pretty standard match that did not feature much. A cannonball from the top rope followed by a clothesline to remove Briscoe from the match was the highlight of the match from PCO. He was able to pick up the win via disqualification when Briscoe went for a steel chair and hit him on the head with it on the apron.

PCO def. Briscoe via DQ in 9:21


After the match, Mark Briscoe joined his brother and tried to put a beat down on PCO. After they put him through a table, PCO re-awakened and clotheslined both brothers to walk off dominantly.

After the segment, Mark Haskins and Jeff Cobb both cut separate promos backstage on each other to promote their match as the main event of tonight. Definitely felt very legit.

Coast to Coast vs. Bully Ray & Shane Taylor

The next match was a strange pairing as well, this time putting Bully Ray and Shane Taylor together to take on Coast to Coast (LSG and Shaeem Ali). This was a pretty standard tag team match with Bully playing the part of a heel, using tactics like distracting the referee, talking smack to the crowd, and overall being kind of a dick. LSG came out like a house of fire on the hot tag after Ali took the brunt of the offense, and despite the fact that they hit their tag team finisher, they were unable to get the pinfall over Taylor before Ali was hit with the 216 to get the win for the heels

Ray & Taylor def. Coast to Coast via pinfall in 9:01


Mark Haskins vs. Jeff Cobb

In the main event of the episode, Cobb went up against England’s own Mark Haskins in a hell of a match. This was a must-watch match and had the energy and pacing of a main-event match. Highlights of the match were a spot where Haskins leapfrogged over a running Cobb to make him miss to the outside, before faking a suicide dive only to get to the other side of the ring and hit a huge dive onto Cobb along with a huge piledriver to Haskins. Captions and play-by-play notes cannot do this match justice and the commercial break during this match was painful to sit through. Haskins avoided a huge strike to lock in an armbar and then proceeded to hit a roll-up deadlift Fireman’s Carry on the much larger Cobb. This was impressive. Finally, after being countered many times, Cobb was able to hit the Tour of the Islands to finish the match and gain a huge win in the wake of his loss to Matt Taven at Best in The World.

Cobb def. Haskins via pinfall in 14:14


Overall Episode Grade: 7.5/10

Outside of the AMAZING match that was Cobb vs. Haskins, this was a fairly bland episode that did not advance the stories of ROH and could’ve have benefited from some backstage segments to set up the next episode.

photo credit: ROH

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