Independent Promotion Spotlight: House of Glory

Julian Cannon

The biggest independent promotion that is held in Queens, NY is House of Glory. The promotion has gained much buzz over the years and many of the bigger stars that we see on television today has also made their way to the promotion as well. It was founded in 2012 by Amazing Red that initially started as a wrestling school that leads to it being a full-scale promotion. If you are in the New York area, this is the place to go!

House of Glory showcases the students at their training school, the stars that we see on the independent circuit, and the legends from all over the world of wrestling. A mix of male and female wrestlers attracts the fans and there is something for everyone at House of Glory. Their first event was headlined by Amazing Red defeating Brian Kendrick. In fact, their first show was named “High Intensity” and that has been the signature name for their summer show ever since. The first show also featured The Young Bucks, Jay Lethal, and Eddie Kingston. It is crazy to think that these five along with the rest of the roster at the time set the groundwork for what was going to be bigger in the years to come. The first championship that was created in HOG was the HOG Tam Team Championship way back in 2013 and their first champions were The Young Bucks. House of Glory did not have a World Heavyweight Championship until 2014 and their first Champion was Ricochet as he defeated Drew Gulak in the finals of the tournament. Since then, Brian XL eventually became the longest reigning HOG World Heavyweight Champion as he held it for 245 days! Their next championship that was created was the HOG Crown Jewel Championship which was created in 2015. It was originally named the HOG Elite Championship and their first person to win that championship was Ken Broadway.

House of Glory now, packs the building at each show. Years ago, up to around 300 fans would attend. But now, up to 2500-3000 fans attend the shows as the publicity of the promotion has gotten bigger thanks to the likes of the big outlets such as MTV, VICE, Hot 97, and Fuse and even, WWE as superstars such as Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and The Miz making appearances on their shows as well as Sasha training over there for her big match on a big WWE show at the time. But it is also not about the big outlets giving them exposure. It was the word of mouth of the fans as well since the fans are the most important people that you want to gain attention by. Clearly, the word spread and the buildings pack up to the maximum each time which proves that the promotion to be a success. Having been to a few of their shows over the years myself, I have a great time when I am there. Amazing Red also recently had his retirement match going against Brian XL inside a Steel Cage and for a retirement match, I loved it! When you watch the shows on demand, they are commentated by Matthew Shapiro and occasionally, Jason Solomon of Solomonster Sound’s Off as they call the matches live as it happens.

The Next event for House of Glory is High Intensity 8 and it features the final independent appearance of The Young Bucks! That will take place on August 9th, 2019 in Queens, NY. Their next show after that will be in Denver, CO on September 22nd, 2019!

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Photo Credit: House of Glory

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