ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Rafflemania July 14 Results

ATTACK! Pro Wrestling is one of the most entertaining wrestling promotions to be formed in the UK. The promotion caters to a fan base that features some of the most talented in-ring competitors. They can be described as unique, entertaining, and extraordinary. ATTACK! was founded in 2011 by Pete Dunne and Jim Lee.

On July 13-14, 2019, ATTACK! Pro-Wrestling held their show Rafflemania.

These are the results for the event on July 14.

Shigehiro Irie Vs. Nico Angelo

Shigehiro Irie wins by pinfall.


Cara Noir Vs. El Phantasmo

Cara Noir wins by pinfall.

Gisele Shaw Vs. Yuu

Gisele Shaw wins pinfall

ATTACK Pro Tag Team Match

Dan Moloney | Man Like Deriess Vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher | Mark Davis) Vs. The Kabal (Asmodeus | Azeroth)

Dan Moloney | Man Like Deriess retain titles via pinfall

Rickey Shane Page Vs. Robbie X

Rickey Shane wins via pinfall

Rufio Vs. Julian Pace

Rufio wins via pinfall

The Ring Crew Express (Sid Oakley | Klay McKloed) Vs. ELIJAH | Fat Cat Lloyd Katt (LK Mezinger)

The Ring Crew Express wins.

M Shay Ultra Vs. ATTACK Pro Wrestling Champion Chief Deputy Dunne

M Shay Ultra won the title via pinfall.

 Photo Credit | Results: ATTACK! Wrestling | Oli Sandler

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