Ring of Honor: Weekly Show July, 5th 2019 – Review

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Roh weekly show review


The Bouncers vs. The Kingdom

The show started out quickly with a tag-team match between The Kingdom’s TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia against The Bouncers. There was a bit of a story between the heelish tactics of The Kingdom versus the size and strength of The Bouncers. There was a hilarious spot where Brian Milonas fell on TK O’Ryan after getting hit with a splash in the corner. Lots of power moves by The Bouncers, which made both of them look very strong as competitors and athletes.

Kingdom def. Bouncers via pinfall in 8:54


After the match, The Kingdom cut a scathing promo where they teased taking the beer toast with The Bouncers before pouring them out and getting thrown out of the ring, leaving the Bouncers with some of their heat back.

Backstage we see some vignettes with Matt Taven and Tracy Williams giving up their reasons to win tonight’s ROH Championship match, respectively. Tracy did a fantastic job of making himself appear focused and determined.

Josh Woods vs. Brian Johnson

The penultimate match of the evening was between upstarts Johnson and Woods. The two have been in an off-and-on rivalry for the past few months and had picture-in-picture promos on-screen during their entrance. Johnson says that Woods has done nothing with his chances in ROH, while Woods says that he will simply let his actions do the talking for him. The two had a bit of a short match, with Johnson being the cocky heel that constantly runs his mouth while Woods would constantly try to shut him up. Seriously, Johnson spent a great deal of the match yelling out boastful phrases to Woods. After a few brief trades of some standard offense, Woods finally hit The Seismic Toss, a fireman’s carry into a forward gorilla press slam for the win.

Woods def. Johnson via pinfall in 4:53


We cut to the commentary desk where Ian Riccibani and Colt Cabana are joined by former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal for the upcoming main event between Williams and Taven. Lethal says that this will be tough for Williams because he says no one has figured out Taven yet, including himself. The winner of this match, of course, will face off against Lethal at Manhattan Mayhem on July 20th.

Tracy Williams vs. Matt Taven (c) for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship

Finally, the main event between Lifeblood’s Tracy Williams versus The Kingdom’s leader Matt Taven. This had the makings of a PPV-type match and it was done very well. The two men traded long stretches of offense with huge power moves and strikes by both to establish themselves as fairly close in terms of skill and athleticism. The simplicity of Taven’s moveset was a good contrast to the high-flying and high-impact offense of Tracy, as he continuously went for dives, splashes, and other maneuvers only to usually get countered or find himself in a position where Taven can get the upperhand. There was a nasty-looking DDT from the top rope onto the top turnbuckle by Williams, and he even got a few submission holds in to almost get the tap out victory but Taven continued to get to the ropes. At one point, Taven is able to expose a turnbuckle and poked the ref in the eye to allow himself an opportunity to pull Williams to the exposed turnbuckle and hit The Climax for the pinfall victory to retain.

Taven def. Williams via pinfall in 14:53


Overall Show Grade:


Photo Credit: ROH

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