Ring of Honor: Weekly Show Review – July 12th, 2019

Miguel Meza

Ring of Honor had their go-home show this past week for the ROH PPV Manhattan Mayhem live from the Manhattan Center in New York on Saturday, July 20th.

As usual, the event can be accessed through PPV order or the HONORCLUB service.

Rhett Titus vs. Shane Taylor (ROH TV Champion)

The show started off with an interesting pairing of Titus and Taylor, the latter of whom has been on an absolute tear as of late, successfully defending his title against all comers. Kenny King joined the commentary booth for this match, and we will see why in the aftermath of the match. Titus came out with a very arousing jazz theme song and Lex Luger-like mirror entrance (shout out to OSW). He also offered to shake the hand of Taylor, who spit on Titus’ hand only for him to use it as glisten on his chest. The match itself actually told an interesting story that seemed fairly bland at first glance but developed after the match. Titus continuously got the upperhand on Taylor only to use his time to show off his impeccable physique and continued this trend until getting hit with a massive standing headbutt for the loss.

Taylor def. Titus via pinfall in 6:18


After the match, Kenny King stormed the ring from the commentary booth and cut one of the most brutal promos that this writer has ever seen or heard. He criticized Titus’ overt hot dogging and even said that he was letting his entire family (who was in attendance) down with disappointment. He brought up their successful history as a tag team and told him that he will continue to be a disappointment because he wastes his opportunities like this one against Shane Taylor. This was an incredible promo by King, and even though Titus took the high road and left the ring, this is far from over and King proved why he is big time.
Angelina Love vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Stella Grey vs. Jenny Rose in a Four-Corners Survival Match for the #1 Contendership for the ROH Women’s Championship

The next match was an interesting four-way between some of the most talented Women of Honor in the company. Love came out with the Allure as they boasted about her being on another level above everyone else in the ring. This could have gone to anyone in the match. This match was not very technical, but the added element of managers like The Allure getting ejected was pretty funny. Kelly Klein got involved to remove The Allure from the situation and thus, the underdog Tasha Steelz was able to push out Angelina Love and hit the OKR(Okurrr) on Grey for the surprise victory.

Steelz def. Love via pinfall in 9:00


Maria Manic made her long-awaited debut as she stormed the ring after some creepy imagery flashed on the screen and as she appeared in the ring, she was met with a single staredown between herself and Steele. This was thwarted by security guards who were then laid out by the monster among women Maria Manic (dubbed the “Maneater”). This was an interesting segment for an interesting match, which seemed to build the Women of Honor division up.

After this, we cut to a promo backstage from a solo Rush, in street clothes and sunglasses as he says that Dalton Castle will pay for his actions against his brother Dragon Lee and that nothing happens without his (Rush) saying. This was interesting because Rush was able to really get his anger and frustration across without seeming overly-dramatic.

The Bouncers and Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven (ROH World Champion) and the Kingdom in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

The final match of the evening was a 6-man tag and featured the classic heel vs. face dynamic. TK O’Ryan, Vinny Marseglia, and Matt Taven all took turns refusing to fight The Bouncers in favor of asking for Lethal. Jay Lethal was the MVP of this match and performed his signature cartwheel double dropkick to both tag team members of The Kingdom, but faced a little difficulty against Matt Taven, pushing their rivalry even further. There were 3 straight suicide dives to all 3 members of The Kingdom, and this match was an overall blast to watch. In the end, Beer City Bruiser held O’Ryan for Brian Milonas to perform a diving leg drop for the pinfall victory.

The Bouncers and Jay Lethal def. The Kingdom via pinfall in 9:01


After the match, Taven hit The Climax to Jay Lethal on the outside and taunted him before hightailing it out with The Kingdom.

Overall Show Grade: 7.8/10

While the wrestling wasn’t technically great, the advancement of many storylines heading into Manhattan Mayhem made for an exciting show to watch.

As said, Manhattan Mayhem will be live from the Manhattan Center in New York on Saturday, July 20th and can be accessed through PPV order or the HONORCLUB service.

Visit rohwrestling.com for tickets.

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