Independent Promotion Spotlight: Pro-Wrestling: EVE

Julian Cannon

If you want an independent wrestling promotion that incorporates a mixture of punk rock and professional wrestling, EVE is right here for you. Since launching in 2010, it has become the biggest women’s wrestling promotion in the United Kingdom and many of the top women who are known in the United States has wrestled here too. Before I go ahead and explain why you should check this promotion out, I will give a brief history of the promotion.

EVE was founded by married couple Dann and Emily Read. These two had a passion for women’s wrestling and wanted this promotion overseas to be different than the way women’s wrestling was showcased in the United States at the time. They also wanted their daughter to have a good and positive insight on women’s wrestling as well as female role models for her to look up to. In a 2017 interview, Emily described the promotion as a “feminist, grassroots promotion” mixed with the punk subculture. Their first show was on May 8, 2010, and the main event of the first show was a Falls Count Anywhere Match between Blue Nikita vs. Saraya Knight. More matches that were featured on the first show was a Three-Way Tag Team Match, a Four Corners Elimination Match, and a one-night tournament. Other women who have appeared on the first show were April Davids, Carmel Jacob, Jazzy Gabert, and Vicky Huges. The first show had a very high reception as the buzz of the promotion started to make its rounds on the internet. The promotion took its women’s wrestling serious from day one and has never ever changed what they stood for at all which is absolutely fantastic. Now their shows are now broadcasted on internet Pay-Per-View. In 2018, their big show “Wrestle Queendom” took place as it became the biggest all-women wrestling show in the United Kingdom history.

In 2011, They crowned their first EVE Champion Britani Knight as she won it at EVE Chapter 6: Return of the Jetta as she defeated Nikki Storm (now known as Nikki Cross) in the finals of a tournament to crown the first Champion. Their longest reigning champion is Nikki Storm as she held the EVE Championship for 665 days! EVE then later created the EVE International Championship on October 13, 2018, as Viper became their first International Champion. And finally, the EVE Tag Team Championship was created on June 30, 2019, as Erin Angel and Jetta became the first Tag Team Champions in EVE as they are also the current holders of the titles.

Another unique aspect of EVE is that they support many charities that focuses on mental health such as The 888 Collective, Mind, and Turn2Me. They are also supporters of another charity organization called Bloody Good Period as it takes the financial burden out of the most annoying time of the month by providing supplies to those who need them.

EVE also has a training center called EVE Academy if you want your dreams to become a professional wrestler to come true. Many of the students there have made it big in that promotion and gotten opportunities everywhere else in the UK or the United States.

The next EVE event named Fights & False Lashes will take place on Saturday, August 10, 2019, at the Resistance Gallery in London. It is expected that Rhia O’Reilly, Jamie Hayter, and Wrestle Friend (Erin Angel and Jetta) will defend their championships at the show. You will not find an established all-women wrestling promotion in the UK like this one as the fans and the people behind the promotion is very passionate about their product! Check EVE out because you will not be disappointed! The current stars of EVE such as DASH Chisako, Addy Starr, Leah Owens, Martina are all great on what they do and sometimes, you will see legendary wrestler Meiko Satomura and current Impact Wrestling superstar Jordynne Grace on their shows as well.

Photos: EVE

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