Hikuleo: The Future Legacy of Bullet Club

Originally printed in Issue 2 of Indie Empire Magazine.

Founder FKA Ashley Rose Nova takes a glance and an evaluation of the talented power-house Hikuleo. All signs show nothing but a remarkable future for Bullet Club.

As tradition continues in The King of Sports known to the world as New Japan Pro-wrestling. Some traditions will remain and become legendary. One of these will always be Bullet Club. Bullet Club will always remain the top faction or unit in the world, demonstrating dominance with power. Every other year members get added to the dominating faction. Becoming some of the most recognizable faces in pro-wrestling.

One of the most recent additions would be Hikuleo. Whose style differs from some of the most recent members added. He provides the audience with a different outlook on in-ring performances. The youngest member displays an outrageous amount of strength in the ring. He can smoothly transition from one move to the next. Traditional you can classify him as a powerhouse. Others would disagree and state he is a brawler. However, he provides a unique mix of being a dominating powerhouse with a touch of strong style influence.

Debuting on November 12, 2016, in Auckland, New Zealand, Hikuleo began his training with Bully Ray and Devon at Team 3D Academy. He would continue to Japan and begin his training with New Japan Pro-Wrestling at their dojo.

Hikuleo would continue his training till 2017 as a young lion, then joining the main roaster in September 2017. Performing as Leo Tonga and joining his family in Bullet Club at Destruction.

In 2018, he would then participate in the 27th annual Tokyo Dome Show in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Rumble. After stating he was no longer a young lion, he began to go by Hikuleo.

​He would, unfortunately, suffer an injury; this would result in him spending six months recuperating at the New Japan Dojo in California. After rehabilitating he returned to Honor Rising in February 2019 with his brothers by his side. Later, he would compete in the New Japan Cup 2019.

​Hikuleo has competed at several promotions such as RevPro, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Hikuleo works incredibly well in tag team competition, with the ability to have tag team chemistry with just about anyone. As an in-ring partner, he provides the ability for the outcome to become a disadvantage to the opposing team. The young gun of the Bullet Club will continue to be one of the largest assets to the faction. Allowing the future legacy to be in safe hands as the unit continues.

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Photo Credit: Alex Haskett

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