Defiant Comes to an End

Today on August 1, 2019, Defiant released a public statement after 3 years they will be closing. We and wrestling fans are saddened to hear of the closing of the fantastic UK promotion. We wish them and the current roster the best in the future.

Defiant has premiered and supported talent for in-ring competition in the short time they were open. Putting on some of the best pro-wrestling around the world. Displaying talent that has gone on to work in companies such as WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, RevPro, Impact, and others.

As a promotion, they expanded and displayed wrestling on a scale with social media. By using the access of video services like YouTube, they were able to open the minds of casual wrestling viewers. Defiant at one time called WCPW, showed the world what pro-wrestling could be and should be about.


Once again here at Indie Empire, we wish everyone at the promotion the best in the future.

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