ROH Mass Hysteria 2019 Review

Miguel Meza

The Briscoes vs. The Bouncers

The first match of the night was a match that probably should have gone on later, for obvious reasons. The Briscoes defended their newly won Tag Team Championships afgainst The Bouncers after they won their opportunity in the triple threat tag match at Manhattan Mayhem. There was a lot of quick action after The Bouncers refuse to shake the hands of the Briscoes to try and ask for a fight. This is a relatively short match, with the biggest spot of the night being a froggy splash that Mark hits on Beer City Bruiser as they went for the Closing Call. This ends up being the finish, and we then get a toast of honor from the unsuccessful challengers.

Briscoes def. Bouncers via pinfall in

After the match, the Guerillas of Destiny came out and completely dismanteled the champions. This included the social medaia video that Tama Tonga shared as he held the bloody face of Mark Briscoe and claimed that it was “worldstar” and that since they wanted a fight, they will receive such a thing.

Christian Cassanova vs. Thrillride

The One Man Thrillride showed up early to this match to put himself over in a cocky promo. This was a very quick match, with quick action. It wasn’t very lengthy or detailed but Cassanova was able to pick up the somewhat surprise win by hitting the Sucka Kick for the 3 count.

Silas Young vs. PJ Black

The next match of the card was a bit of a clash of styles between Young and Black, which was interesting to watch. Silas would end up getting the better of PJ fby hitring the Misery Loves company for the pinfall victory.

Tasha Steelz vs. Karissa Rivera vs. Angelina Love

Velvet Sky cuts a promo saying that Angelina Love will win the match, and things get started quick. This is a ridiculously quick match, assumably for time reasons. Tasha Steelz is able to win after hitting the OKURRR on Karissa Rivera for the 3 count.

After the match, The Allure attack Steelz but Maria Manic shows up to clean house and take out some guards.

Dragon Lee vs. Kenny King

This next match was an exhibition of sorts that featured King and Lee, two fairly hot properties in Ring of Honor and they had a fairly decent match up. While the pace never seemed to truly pick up, there was a lot of showmanship by both men. King would constantly blather on about how he was the true luchador in ROH, while Lee would continuously At one point, Lee hit a Shattered Dreams on King, which was cool. Finally, the match would finish with a distraction from Amy Rose, who came out to asssist King for the victory and inevitibaly cause Lee to lose as King hit the Royal Flush for the pinfall vicotry

King def. Lee via pinfall in

Eli Isom vs. Shane Taylor

In what was arguably a complete mismatch, Eli Isom of the Shinobi Death Squad went up against ROH TV champion Shane Taylor in singles competition for the title. As Ian Riccibani stated, this victory for Isom would make him the youngest ROH TV champion in history. After some quick kicks and strikes, Isonm found himself on the wrong end of a mean knee to the face on the outside of the ring and was being manhandled by Taylor. He would end up costing himself a few moments in the match by going for a second rope dive to Isom, and Isom would respond with some big time offense. He was able to land a springboard moonsault to the outside and a rotating frog splash for a 2 count. After this, he attempts a DDT but is almost countered into a Northern Lights Suplex before reversing the momentum to land it. Taylor would eventually get the advantage, and land a powerbomb, standing knee, and a package piledriver for a 2 count, much to the surprise of everyone in the crowd. This made Isom look big. After this, however, it would only take a Greeting from the 216 for the successful pinfall defeense.

Taylor def. Isom via pinfall in


Scurll and PCO vs. Bandido and Mark Haskins

The penultimate match of the night saw a very rare solo entrance for Marty Scurll as he approached the ring to team up with PCO against Lifeblood’s Mark haskins and the fresh faced Bandido. The beginning teased a match between Bandido and Scurll and the crowd knows that these two can put on a clinic alone. At one point, Haskins raised the legs of a standing Bandido so that he can lift up froma standing position for a phoenix spin double foot stomp. PCO would tag in shortly after this, and was a complete house of fire, landing huge power moves on both his oppoonents and overall being entertaining as hell. He went up to the top rope but ate a C4 from the top rope by Bandido to a huge pop from the crowd. Flip Gordon would make the interference and attack Bandido, however, and Scurll would hti a chickenwing chokehold for the submission victory.

Scurll and PCO def,. Bandido and Haskins via submission in


Kingdom vs. Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, and Johnathan Gresham

This 6-man tag match was the main event of the show and was representative to the fun nature of this PPV. There was an opening brawl between everyone before things got settled. Of course, the story of this match is Alex Shelley’s highly-anticipated return to the Ring of Honor. There were some entertaining spots including a double lockbox trap to both members of The Kingdom by Shelley, along with a single leg crab to both of them at the same time. Matt Taven actually hit an imressive dive to the outside to all 3 of his opponents. Jay Lethal was surprisingly quiet in this match, presumably to not take attention from Shelly’s eprformance. Maresislous was able to catch him in an attempt at the Lethal Injection to hit the Backstabber. Shelley hit his submission on TKO Ryan for the submission victory to finish a pretty entertaining affair.

Shelly, Gresham, aand Lethal def. The Kingdom via submission


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