ROH: Manhattan Mayhem 2019 Review

Miguel Meza


Dragon Lee vs. Johnathan Gresham

The show kicked off with a bit of an exhibition between two of the quickest workers in the company today. There was a lot of strong and fast strikes to each other that made it seem like at their weight class, the two are fairly even in terms of endurance and strength. Gresham had a lot of counters to Lee’s quick offense, and Lee seemed to endure all of them. A double foot stomp from the top rope and a running knee only got a 2 count for Lee before he finally exposed his right knee for one last knee strike for the win.

Lee def. Gresham via pinfall


After the match, Matt Taven came out in a Boston Red Sox jersey with the number 69 and his own name plastered on the back. Of course, he recently threw out the first pitch for a Major League Baseball game between the New York Yankees and Red Sox. He cut a promo, basically putting himself over before Kenny King would go to the ring and completely destroy him on the microphone. He tore him down and asked him to allow him to enter tonights match up between Taven and King as he is owed an opportunity since his win at the G1 Supercard. Taven agrees, and as King leaves, we see Jay Lethal come out to protest this. This was an awesome segment that Kenny King made all the more entertaining by playing to the crowd at the ballroom.

SOS vs. Coast To Coast vs. The Bouncers

The next match of the card was a triple threat tag-team match for a title opportunity for the ROH Tag Team Championships at the show after this one, Mass Hysteria. This is a match filled with a lot of action in a short amount of time. The Beer City Bruiser takes a mean table bump on the outside by SOS but Milonas is a house of fire and is actually to finally get the win by decimating almost everyone in the entire match and setting up the Closing Call for the win.


After the match, The Kingdom came out and attacked The Bouncers. After incapacitating them in the ring, Vinny Marseglia cut a scathing promo on The Bouncers about how they aren’t credible threats and went as far as to burn a cigar on The Beer City Bruiser. He also drinks whiskey in the ring, claiming he always liked it better than beer. TKO’ Ryan called out Rush and offered the challenge so that he can elevate The Kingdom, and Rush answered the call.

Rush vs. TKO’ Ryan

In what was another exhibition match that did not seem to have much build, Rush took on TKO’ Ryan in a singles match. With Rush being undefeated in singles competition in ROH as of this writing, it was fairly clear that a tag team competitor like TKO’ Ryan wasn’t going to be a credible threat. Rush would take a little bit of damage in the beginning, but quickly took over and literally thew Ryan all over the outside and everywhere before finally hitting the double dropkick to the corner for the pinfall win.

Rush def. Ryan via pinfall in


Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King vs. Matt Taven

This triple threat that came next was not advertised nor expected but it was a welcome addition and a smart way to continue to the storyline between all three men. Early on, Jay Lethal got the best of both men by trapping them both in a corner to hit double drop kicks to both of them. Taven would dive to the outside to both his opponents only to have Lethal avoid it and get his multiple dive spot in. There was an awesome spot where Taven hit a frog splash on Lethal while he has a figure-four leg lock on King. Then Taven locks in the same submission only for Lethal to try and hit his own splash onto Taven, who rolls out of the way only to be caught in the reversal of a figure-four leglock as he screams in pain. Eventually, King was able to hit the Lethal Injection and then his death valley driver before Taven hits the climax on King to throw him out and steal the pin and take out Lethal for the win.

Taven def. Lethal via pinfall in


Lifeblood and PJ Black vs. Villain Enterprises

In what was one of, if not the best match of the night, Lifeblood went up against Villain Enterprises. Still not technically billed as part of the stable, PJ Black was a highlight of the match that brought some energy to the affair. Tracy Williams and Marty Scurll had a technical start to the match, which played into the pacing of the match.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Guerillas of Destiny

the final match of the night was the main event between G.O.D and Dem Boys, and this match delivered on almost every level. It was clear that these two are a perfect match of styles and match each other’s intensities and it made the ROH tag team championships seem like a big deal, as they should be. From the very beginning, the Briscoes grabbed weapons from the outside and the G.O.D had to try and thwart their attempts. There is some quick action, as Tanga takes a springboard senton to the outside from Mark, and then Mark goes through a table. Jay and Tama go at it in a kendo stick duel that is reminiscent of Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. Tanga is able to powerbomb Jay onto Mark, onto a table and destroys them as they proceed to hit a Magic Killer on Jay in the ring, only to a two count. Tama ends up setting up a top rope powerbomb onto a pile of chairs but Mark is able to reverse it into a hurricanrana for a devastating maneuver. Finally, Mark is able to hit a devastation device from the ladder onto a table to finally pin Tama Tonga for the win.


Overall show grade


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