Man Like Dereiss on Defiant’s Closure, His Career Influences, Character, Dream Match and The Future For Him

Miguel Meza

This writer was lucky enough to be given the time from one of the UK’s upcoming talents in Man Like Dereiss.

Dereiss was a part of Defiant’s final show before officially closing doors this month and was one of the highlights of the promotion in its final hurrah when he had a hell of a match with Lucky Kid.

With a slew of upcoming bookings and a hot streak in the past few months for promotions like Attack Pro, Kamikaze, and Resurgence Wrestling, Man Like Dereiss is looking to set the world on fire.

Q: All right so first things first, you are fresh off the final taping of Defiant Wrestling with Built To Destroy, where you had a fantastic bout against A Lucky Kid. What are your final thoughts on the company now that it has closed its doors?

MLD: It’s extremely sad that Defiant has had to close their doors as they’re a promotion very close to me for many reasons. Defiant in itself is amazing and the consistently high quality of matches they’ve managed to produce during their tenure has been incredible. I feel so lucky to have been part of it & I personally hope they will eventually be back in the future.

Q: Absolutely. Defiant will always be revered as a truly unique organization for that quality you talk about.
It also gave the opportunity for a lot of talent such as yourself to et to show off their charisma in a seemingly freeing environment. Where do you draw the inspiration for your character and the work behind it?

MLD: I feel like I’m more of an extension of my personality rather than a character. However, I am quite influenced by Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed/Xavier Wood’s character work in TNA, but I am just trying different things and enjoying myself, to be honest.

Q: That enjoyment really translates on screen, which makes watching your matches that much more entertaining. Very cool to hear about those influences like Lethal and Woods, it seems like they have really inspired people and I believe you are on track to do the same.
So what’s next for Dereiss? Any specific goals in mind?

MLD: Thanks a lot, mate. My main goals for the near future are to just improve as a wrestler and wrestle for as many promotions as possible over the next year. Hopefully, that will include ones such as Fight Club Pro, Riptide, and North. 

Q: I have no doubt you could do it, and I am sure there is a lot in store for the world of pro wrestling.
On a lighter note, if you could have a match with any wrestler in the world, dead or alive, who would you have a match with?

MLD: That would probably have to be Kurt Angle or AJ Styles, as I grew up watching both of those guys so it would be unreal to share a ring with them. 

Q: There’s still time for one of those to happen and I think that’d be a killer match. Do you have a favorite match to watch? One that perhaps you could watch over and over again?

MLD: It’s hard to single just one favorite match in particular, but pretty much any Motor City Machine Guns match or Ultimate X matches, one which had MCMG, Lethal Consequences & Suicide comes to mind there. Oh, and more recently Shane Strickland vs. Lio Rush was a match I’ve watched many times.

Q: Those are some really high octane matches to choose from, and they really give us a glimpse of the type of action inspires you.
I really appreciate you for taking the time to answer some questions for me.

Man Like Dereiss has dates to wrestle and will be performing for Attack! Pro, Kamikaze, and Wrestling Resurgence, respectively.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @DEREISS_

(This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity)

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