Interview: Jessie Jones of WOW Superheroes

Julian Cannon

Jessie Jones is a pro wrestling veteran with over 10 years of experience. She has had matches with the likes of Mickie James, Taeler Hendrix, Scarlett Bordeaux, Santan Garrett, and more accomplished women wrestlers. hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Jessie Jones brings her southern pride to the big time promotions such as NWA, Shine, and OVW. Since 2013, she has been a mainstay at WOW and today, we go over the upcoming season of WOW Superheroes along with her upbringings from when she was younger, to now.

You made your debut back in early 2010 and shortly after your debut, you started to appear an OVW. What are some of your finest memories while you were training at OVW?

Jessie: Having the opportunity to train and work with people like Danny Davis and Al snow. I’m working with a lot of girls who are now on mainstream television. learning how to perfect my craft took a while, but I trained every week and it was worth it in the long run. Also, [Laughs] Al Snow is a really tough guy.

You have won many championships in your career too. What’s victory do you think is the most personal favorite of yours and why?

Jessie: I would say the Corvey Pro Women’s Championship against Makey James this because I was still fairly new and to be able to win a title from somebody with so much caliber and history and talent, you know, I think that really meant a lot. In fact, I still keep in contact with her from time to time then one time she hit me so hard. It knocked me silly. Definitely the hardest I’ve ever been hit, but after the match, she was like “Oh my God, I hope you’re okay”. And then I told her that I was fine and we laughed afterward.

Now you also have first appeared on WOW way back in 2013. Before you signed, who pitched the concept of WOW to you? And was it different for you than what you were used to at the time?

Jessie: David McClain and Selena Majors contacted me and absolutely! Like I’ve never been a part of an all-female company that did give women the spotlight and you know, lets us have the opportunity to show exactly what we can do and set, great examples to the world.

I compare WOW to the original GLOW back in the ’80s. When you first started to see the production of WOW, did you make some of the comparisons yourself?

Jessie: Yeah, I could see some of the comparisons, this time, however, being with AXS, it’s so much bigger. It’s so much better!

What can we expect from you and everyone else on the upcoming season?

Jessie: well you can definitely expect Jesse Jones to make wrestling great again! and you’ve got people like Tessa Blanchard and The Beast who are definitely going to be bringing women’s wrestling to a completely new level.

Without giving too much spoilers away, what’s their favorite match that you’ve been part of so far during the tapings?

Definitely the season premiere coming up on September 7th. I’m going to be taking on Fire (Kiera Hogan) and that was definitely an awesome match. I think that you guys will be fairly entertaining.

I was watching one of your recent promos with one of your famous lines “Make wrestling great again”. What Was the thought process for you when you decide to cut those promos?

I’m trying to make wrestling great again. You know what I mean? Like you remember like I’m talking like old school wrestling, like back to the time of when the Four Horsemen were around, along with Macho Man Randy Savage. like the larger than life characters in like old school way. That’s, that’s what I mean by it.

When did you first start watching wrestling? When and when did you first got exposed to it?

Jessie: I first started watching wrestling while I was in middle school, I think like sixth or seventh grade. it was definitely during like the Attitude Era during the Monday Night Wars. And then, the first show that I ever went to was in 2005 and I was immediately like, yep, I’m doing this. This is all me.

Any road stories you want to share?

Jessie: Amber, but I don’t know if they’re necessarily fun or they’re just like funny because me and her are so different and uh, so, um, it’s just like she’s definitely the Beverly Hills babe and stuff like that and I’ll be trying to like feed her gumbo. You know, it has like beer and squirrel and quail and rabbit and stuff in it. Not necessarily telling her what’s in it until she tries it and you know, I think it’s entertaining. The way she reacted, well at first, she was like, “shut up, you’re lying”. And I was like, “no”. Then She’s like “God, you’re such a redneck”. And I’m like, “yes I am” and we started laughing.

What was your upbringing like for you?

Just the girl raised in a small town in Kentucky. I go hunting, I go fishing, I like hiking out in the woods. I used to get into a lot of fights and stuff in bars. I mean, all that’s real, like every single bit of that is real. Like, I calmed down since then. I never started a fight, but people picked a lot of fights with me and I certainly finished them. But some of my early memories include fishing with my dad or going to church with my parents and family get-togethers, you know, like Thanksgiving or like even like. We are a really strong and family, so I mean, if there was somebody’s birthday or an anniversary, like a name my sibling, mom, dad, like grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces. I mean, it was all like, if they get together, we’d sit, have dinner, play cards, you know, just simple stuff like that. 

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