NCL – Party Til You Puke 2019: Review

Miguel Meza

NCL started the show with a speech from Andrew Bowers as he graced the crowd with a rally to make them hyped for this 3rd year anniversary of the Northern promotion. It was actually a very heartwarming moment that was punctuated by the reciprocated love from the crowd.

ShreddyBear vs. Primate

After rudely interrupting Bowers’ speech, Shreddy Brek was met by a surprise appearance from Primate, who showed up to try and knock some sense into Shreddy. The match was a hard-hitting affair as these two behemoths collided. Lots of power moves, and impressive shows of strength from both men. It wasn’t a very technical match, nor was it high flying but it was the kind of action that was needed to get this entire show on the road. After the Lauded Gentry interfered and distracted the referee while Benji handed a croquet malet to Shreddy Brek, he uses it to hit Primate upside the head for the win. It was extremely disappointing to see a new prospect like Primate lose in such unsatisfactory fashion.



Conor Renshaw vs. Gia Adams

In a bit of an odd matchup. Gia Adams took on Conor Renshaw and the results were just strange. The match itself was a bit of a onesided affair as Renshaw looked very strong throughout. Despite a few hope spots, Renshaw ended the match with a chokeslam to defeat his Gia for the 3 count.


Boris Koslov vs. HT Drake vs. Little Miss Roxxy vs. Myles Kayman

The next match was a wild affair, as the four participants looked to steal the show with this hectic match. The highlights of the match were the consistency of HT Drake, the upstart Little Miss Roxxy and Boris Koslov’s break-out performance. Roxxy and Drake went absolutely HAM on each other and the discrepancy between this match and the prior Renshaw match against Gia was just night and day. A particularly good sunset flip powerbomb into the corner was nice by Roxxy to Drake, but as Koslov won the match by defeating Myles with a Stunner, it was clear that the real beef was between Drake and Roxxy.


After the match, HT Drake when absolutely berserk and tried to strangle Little Miss Roxxy with a security belt, and just as things seemed to get bleak beyond belief, none other than El Ligero showed up to make the save. After doing so, he made it clear that NCL would be a place he would return to despite his recent surge in popularity in mainstream wrestling.

Lucky Kid vs. OJMO

The next match of the night was a bit of an exhibition between A Lucky Kid and The OJMO, an upstart, that delivered on multiple levels and made the most out of their long-time limit. OJMO’s desperation for a victory was keenly played upon and the two built a great story with their opening tests and their eventual trade of signature maneuvers. Lucky Kid kept attempting his cross-face submission and even locked it in a few times but OJMO kept breaking free or catching the ropes. OJMO went for a huge frog splash to surprisingly win the match in what was an exciting affair, despite the two looking quite gassed when everything was coming to a close. Still, this is Match of the Night.



As a bit of a palette cleansing half-time show, we got a compilation of videos from various wrestlers and personalities congratulating Northern Championship Wrestling on their anniversary. Fun stuff, and its nice to see Gillberg again! 


The Landed Gentry (Benji & Zeo Knox) vs. The Lost Boys (Fraser Thomas & RUFIO)

Following up afterward, we got a tag team match to help cool things down for the crowd. Benji & Zeo Knox actually came out earlier to distract Primate during the opening bout tonight and were all heeled out for the match against The Lost Boys. The match was a fairly standard affair and had some classic ring cutting tag action by both sides but eventually, shenanigans occurred as Zeo hit Rufio with a low-blow to allow for Benji to get the 3 count.


After the match, Benji cut a promo and stated that if he wasn’t going to be allowed to get a championship, he would bring out something else instead to commemorate their team in NCL. So they brought out a commemorative plate designed just for them. This a was nothing short of actual brilliance.

TK Cooper vs. Screwface

The penultimate match of the night was a last-second switch from the original bout between Screwface and TK Cooper but the latter had to be benched for injuries. Jurn looks absolutely massive and extremely powerful in the entire match and came to the aid of TK when he was initially being attacked. This is what makes the finish of this short match a bit of a downer, as Screwface scored a clean submission victory with an omoplata crossface. Overall, this was a good device to help Screwface’s legitimacy, and it’s going to be interesting to see what is next for him.



Spike Trivet (c) vs. Rickey Shane Page for The North Championship in a Geordie Street Fight

The final match of the card was a violent affair between Spike Trivet and RSP and the two absolutely decimated each other. This was a few lightbulbs and barbed wire objects from being a deathmatch because the two brutalized each other in and outside of the ring. Properly, in the beginning, RSP stapled Trivet’s head to the ring apron and proceeded to yank the apron from his head. Brutal stuff. For the most part, RSP was in control until Trivet actually got pretty sadistic with a chair as well, and went to town on RSP for a while to even give a receipt for the aforementioned staple by shooting him on the forehead with the staple gun. Eventually, a table was introduced to the situation and RSP managed to get Trivet to the top rope for a big-time maneuver but shenanigans occurred when the Fun Police theme music played to distract him while Trivet countered out for a huge superplex onto the table for the 3 count to retain.



This was a very fun show to watch with a thrilled crowd that really seemed to enjoy the entire event. A lot of talent got to shine like The OJMO and Primate, and while the highlight of the show was the energetic presence of each bout, the show was admittedly a bit dragged by the screw finishes that opened and closed the event which soured the overall quality. However, Party Til You Puke is an anniversary show at heart and really showcases what NCL is all about, and extends the stories between a lot of these performers in an intriguing way.

Overall Show: 7.5/10

Photo Credit: NCL

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