Interview: Randy Shawn of House of Hardcore

Julian Cannon

Randy Shawn has been in the wrestling business for over fifthteen years. His mentor is the legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper as he looked up to him when he was younger and had the honor of being in the ring with him. Now, he is still wrestling to this day and has even trained many wrestlers who are in the circut right now. At Keystone Comic Con, I got the chance to speak with him in this exclusive interview.

Now how long have you been in the wrestling business and where have you started?

Randy: I’ll be 19 years this year. 2020 will be 20 years. I started out of Connecticut, But I’ve traveled all around the world so I am pretty lucky and pretty fortunate at the time to be in the right time and the right place and got to travel the world since then.

Where have you traveled that you love the most since you started?

Randy: I love our Australia fans and especially for House of Hardcore. We where they’re last year and just every show sold out with amazing people and amazing fans diehard statewide and worldwide. I personally love Tennessee and Texas. I love the old territories and their different style of wrestling over there which is what I like to do. I also love old school Memphis wrestling and stuff like that. It’s kind of my character too.

Have you ever had any career ending injuries? If you did, How did you come back from it?

Randy: I tore my knee out. You know, doctors said Ithe would never wrestle again and here I am. You just got to do what you do. You know it’s the luck of the draw. It’s professional wrestling. It’s not that cliche story. It’s not ballet. It’s tough. Like legit tough. like when I first broke my ribs and then broke my wrist, I thought it was hell. I broke my fingers and my knee and now either you say I’m done or you get back on the horse and you go. Here I am still here, in shape, and still doing what I love!

What drew you into wrestling?

Randy: Crazy story, it was Piper and Hogan. So before my father passed, he was an amazing Hulk Hogan fan and I was totally a paper fan. And that brought me in. And then actually Tully Blanchard really sealed the deal for me Tony was that guy that could talk. He was cool. You know. And he was just a lab rat in the ring and that just blew me in and then go one more decade up obviously ShawnMichaels is The cream of the crop on that. So no pun intended. If you ever ever watch my matches, all those three guys combined in the one.

What is the best match you ever seen?

Randy: Macho Man vs Steamboat at Wrestlemania III. I still have that Wrestlemania on VHS and I always look back at that match to this day.

Who has helped you the most in your career?

Randy: One of my greatest mentors Roddy Piper and he was an amazing guy. I mean. Right now I am also working with Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley. I mean you can’t get any better than that. So for our students, it’s amazing. Every day is a learning lesson every day. You mean for a guy like me there sometimes when they say things its like “Holy Shit! that is awesome” It’s absolutely amazing the knowledge those guys possess and it’s Awesome. That’s. What fuels the younger guys and especially for a guy like me it fuels me I go yeah that makes sense. And even I’ve been Harley Race on a few occasions and everytime I got to see him, he was great to me and he’s tough as nails and straight to the point. Now there’s no bones about the Race. He’s definitely one of the greatest ever in the ring.

What will be your plans for the rest of the year?

I’ll be teaching with the team through the academy. I will Probably be back in the ring in 2020 when it settles down a little bit. Right now, family is the most important thing for me even to develop now. It’s really hard with a son at home and I got like one on the way. That’s my full time job. He just he’s goingt to be three this year and actually, a couple days ago he watched me wrestle for Northeast Wrestling in Danbury, Connecticut and He came in the ring and gave me a hug so that is a fulfilling moment right there in my eyes.

Photo Credit: Stiehl Photography

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