Interview: Great Stories With Ring Announcer Brittany Marie

Julian Cannon

Brittany Marie is based out of Virginia and she has wrestling in her blood. Her father was a wrestler and now she is taking the same steps as her father but with ring announcing and the manager role. I got the chance to talk to her about her journey and her hobbies in this exclusive interview.

What is your story Brittany and where have you grown up?

Brittany: “I grew up in a town outside of Charlottesville, Virginia named Waynesboro, Virginia. I’m 24 years old and wrestling has been in my blood since before I could remember. I literally grew up in this business, my dad wrestled and ran his own company. Now i’m taking the platform put in front of me and seeing how far it takes me.”

What are your favorite hobbies and interests when you are not ring announcing?

Brittany: “Music is definitely a big part of my life. There’s a quote that says “Music Is Healing” and it is definitely something I live by.  Traveling is a major passion so I have been so I have really blessed with this line of work! Collecting Funko pops is considered a hobbie right? haha”

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I noticed that you are a fan of The Walking Dead (I am too hehe) who are your favorite characters on the show and which season is your favorite season?

Brittany: “My favorite character is Abraham (shout out to Michael Cudlitz for being awesome)! I really can’t choose a favorite season, I’m not gonna lie though I quit watching after they killed him off. hahaha”

Is there a place that you would love to travel to one day?

Brittany: “Santorini, Greece is number one on the bucket list!”

How did break into the wrestling world?

Brittany: “Like I said before, I didn’t really have to break into it. I was born in it. I always say wrestling is one of those things that once it is in your blood, it never leaves.”

Who do you consider your mentor and what did you learn the most from him/her?

Brittany: “Female wise, Trish Stratus, Lita, and Lillian Garcia are why I fell in love with wrestling. Trish and Lita went out there and went toe to toe with anyone male or female and defied all odds. Lillian’s voice is like no other in my book. She leaves you in awe. She is definitely the voice in my head every time I pick up a microphone. On a mentor stand point, CW Anderson is the person I have learned the most from in and outside the ring, I got the opportunity to valet him for a few months at a wonderful company out of the Winston-Salem area named AML Wrestling, (amazing promotion, check us out), before I took some personal time and came back as a ring announcer/ backstage interviewer. He has done so much in this business and for this business so getting the opportunity to pick his brain and learn from him has been a blessing”.

How did you begin ring announcing? and did you have to go through an audition process?

Brittany: “I started with a few in ring interviews for a local promotion which is actually how I met CW and one day, he called me and said “AML needed an interviewer” and I went there and when I got there, Tracy told me he wanted me to ring announce the dark match and I guess that was my audition so to speak!”

Photo Credit: Fisticuffs Photography

Do you have any stories of the early days when you were rehearsing announcing the talent’s names?

Brittany: “Oh Lord haha. One of my first shows, i was doing an in ring interview and I was bringing Bill Apter to the ring and instead of saying he was from New York, New York, I said he was from New York, Pennsylvania! I didn’t have it down for months lol”

What do you believe is the hardest part of ring announcing?

Brittany: “Courage for sure. Not only is being in front of all those people nerve racking, but the wrestlers in the back are trusting you to be their first representation of them to all the fans. The first thing you know about a wrestler is their name and where they are from and you get that from the ring announcer and I think wanting to do right by them is a major pressure.”

Have you seen the ring announcers of the past such as Lillian Garcia, Brandi Rhodes, Howard Finkle, etc to get an idea of how it is done? or did you had it in you that you were confident that you would do it in your own style and in your own way while taking a little bit of inspiration from them?

Brittany: “Of course! Lillian is a big inspiration to me and crafting my style! I take what I can from her and make it my own and I hope to live up to the legacy she has left in this business while making my own mark!”

Do you prefer being a valet or ring announcer or a mix of both?

Brittany: “Mixture of both for sure. Both are so different in so many ways and they challenge you in such different aspects so getting to learn both and step into both roles has been a challenging but very rewarding journey”. 

Is or was there any point of time when you thought about becoming a wrestler? 

Brittany: “I have and I am currently doing some training. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll push but you never know what the future holds. I don’t want there to be any aspect of this business that I can’t dabble in!”.

After a hard day of work, what is your meal of choice if you had to think right now?

Brittany: “I recently started Keto so burgers with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg has been a super addiction for me lol If it’s a cheat meal, fries and donuts for sure haha”.

Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?

Brittany: “Any top company, I can’t pinpoint a specific place. As long as I am still doing what I love in this business and making my mark then I am happy”.

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