NWA Powerrr Is Different From The Rest and It Is Very Good!

Julian Cannon

Ever since the National Wrestling Alliance has been owned by Smashing Pumpkins Legend Billy Corgan, the entire orgnaisation turned around for the better. With his 20 year plan that started in 2017, the NWA has been revamped and relaunched and after decades of staying out of the major spotlight, it is back!

Once Corgan took over the promotion, NWA revived the Crockett Cup, held it’s 70th Anniversary Show, and started the tapings for the live studio show titled NWA Powerr. It showcases the talent of NWA while also showcasing the bigger stars such as Ken Anderson, Crimson, Eli Drake, James Storm, Homicide, and even Melina Perez too. The current NWA Champion is Nick Aldis and his run has been quite amazing before and after he regained the championship from Cody at All In.

But it is more than just the talent. NWA Powerr has an intimate tone with the setup of the studio, the graphics, the crowd, the interview area, and even the ring itself. It takes me back to the 1980’s with that style and I love the entire look of the show. Nothing way too fancy that will give you a headache. Just a retro feel that works in today’s landscape of professional wrestling. Even the matches are up to today’s standard too which makes this show great as well. The post and pre match interviews take place at the same location either at ringside, or at the interview area and they also wasted no time to introduce the casual audience who the roster is. The crowd reacted very well to who was a babyface and who was a heel and it came off great when I watched it. Keeping up with the tradition, NWA Powerr was streamed at 6:05 PM as it used to be when it was on television and there is also a countdown for the show before it begins.

The main event of the first episode was for the NWA Championship as Nick Aldis successfully defended the championship against Tim Storm. After the excellent match, Aldis cut a promo saying that he was proud to wrestle Storm since he cannot challenge for the championship again as long as he is the reigning champion. When he finished his promo, he still established himself as a heel and that was the end of the episode. There were other good matches on the show such as Eli Drake vs Caleb Konley, and the opening match The Dawsons vs Sal Rinauro and Billy Buck.

I love Billy Corgan’s approach with the NWA and I got hooked right from the start. The small studio was packed with wrestling fans that wanted to see great action and storytelling and they got exactly that. The reception of the first episode has gotten universal positive acclaim and Billy is heading the right direction with his vision of NWA. I am going to tune in for next week’s episode. If you have time, check out the next episode of NWA Powerr and let me know what do you think.

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