GWF Three Count: Season 2 (Review)

Miguel Meza

Episode 1:

Murat AK vs. Benji

The Loserweight Champion Benji went up against Murat AK in a match that wasn’t exactly evenly contested. Despite Benji being able to weasel his way out of several moves and holds for the bulk of the short affair, eventually, all it took was a sit-out powerbomb for Murat to take the win.

Matt Cross vs. El Phantasmo

This was a very clean affair, as the athletic abilities and quickly paced offense of both Cross and Phantasmo gelled together perfectly for a great match. Lots of back and forth action, and a lot of high-flying from the two. Something that particularly stood out was how they maintained this level of frenetic energy while staying in the ring, refraining from the outside dive. El Phantasmo was able to put Matt Cross in a small package and grab the quick victory. This could have gone longer, but overall it was a very well wrestled match.


Episode 2:

Senza Volto vs Tarkan Aslan

Senza Volto and Tarkan got a chance to showcase their abilities in this match, as Volto was constantly zipping around Tarkan and using his craftiness along with his speed to counter as much of Tarkan’s hard-hitting offense based on slams and strikes. Tarkan seemed to have the match won after prepping for his sit-out powerbomb but Volta was able to roll backward and get the victory with the surprise roll-up.


Aubrey Bride vs. Blue Nikitia

It was very cool to see Aubrey Bride’s “Beatrix Kiddo” inspired character, and her resemblance to Uma Thurman is actually pretty close. Blue Nikita was shown to be the veteran talent here, and the two had a pretty standard but well-put-together match. Bride kept rallying behind the energy of the crowd and had a lot of ferocity in her offense, but the size and experience advantage for Nikita became apparent and she was able to hit her backpack piledriver to get the victory.


Icarus vs. Just Rambo

Icarus got the first of what would come to be many different singles matches for the season, but this one was probably the most lackluster. While Rambo and Crazy Sexy Mike are great at portraying the heel characters that make up Dark Society Vol. 2, their constant involvement in this match really hampered the pacing and flow of the match. It would have been a bit better to see a clean contest but at the same time, Icarus did look good at the moments he was supposed to. After his fellow partner and GWF Tag Team championship member Dover helped him, he was able to secure the victory with a swanton bomb from the top rope to finally end the match.


Episode 3:

Martin Guerrero vs. Felix Weber

This was a fairly quickly paced match with a few spots that appeared a bit clunky. Overall, it actually added to the way the two were both fighting to rise in the ranks of GWF, but Guerrero definitely had the finest moments of the match by showing off some of his slick reversals and quickness. While holding his own, Weber would get hit with a huge running knee and find himself flat on the canvas for Martin to get the pinfall.


John Klinger vs. Orlando Silver vs. Pascal Spalter

As an interesting clash of styles, these three all brought individual talents and abilities to this triple threat match. Bad Bones and Spalter would trade power moves with one another while Silver brought his classic Lucha style to help contribute some consistent energy and pace to the match. As the three took turns battling each other in and out of the ring before Orlando Silver actually caught Spalter with a huge kick and a sunset flip powerbomb to get the win.


Episode 4:

Icarus vs. John Klinger

This was a huge moment for Icarus in the GWF canon, as he went against the consistent main-event level star that is Bad Bones. Of course, Icarus was able to make himself credible as a real threat to Bad bones, and the two would have an even affair where they traded a lot of strikes that resembled strong style. Eventually, Bad bones would hit his Self Justice from the second rope to finish the match. Solid stuff.


Dover vs. Chris Colen

Given the size and strength of both of the competitors in this match, we were assured to get a load of power moves and huge strikes. The two men delivered as they had this hard-hitting match, as Dover continuously threw Colen for a loop every time he would get back up from his offense. Eventually, however, The GWF Champion was able to get a victory over one-half of the GWF Tag Team champions by hitting his “Wolverine’s End” for the victory.


Episode 5:

It’s Benji vs. Pascal Spalter

There is not much to be said about this match, except for that Spalter absolutely destroyed Benji in a few seconds and finished him with the ‘That’s A Wrap’. A squash match, yes, but Benji is always entertaining and Spalter indeed looked strong.


Senza Volto vs. Matt Cross vs. Kris Jokic vs. El Phantasmo

This was an absolutely thrilling match from start to finish, with all four competitors bringing their own special flavor to this exciting contest. Kris Jokic arguably had the most to prove out of all four but was smooth with his transitions and strikes. Cross, Volto, and Phantasmo were like Power Rangers fighting in these ridiculous sequences with acrobatic springboard moves and dives from all over the place. Eventually, Matt Cross would hit a huge shooting star press for the 3-count on El-P, which was poetic redemption for his loss to him in Episode 1. (MATCH OF THE SEASON)


Episode 6:

Tarkan Aslan vs. Cash Money Erkan

This was a strange matchup as Cash Money Erkan and Tarkan went against each other. Early on, the two seemed fairly even in terms of overall ability to go in the ring, but after a few too many hard strikes to the head, Erkan was unable to really compete for most of the second half of the relatively short match. This put Tarkan over huge, but it seemed a bit strange to see Erkan of all people sell that kind of injury given his domination in other matches. Eventually, Tarkan would take advantage of the wounded Erkan and hit a tombstone piledriver for the win.


Kati Libra & Wesna vs. Dark Society Vol. 2.0 (Just Rambo & Crazy Sexy Mike)

With a stipulation that if the time limit runs out that the two women will be declared the winner, it was clear that it would probably go the distance but these four competitors put on a fairly entertaining affair. The women looked strong, but never truly stronger than the guys but they always looked to be one step ahead of them in terms of strategy. The match ended with Wesner surviving an ankle lock from Mike to last the full time limit and get the victory by a technicality.


Episode 7

Dark Society Vol. 2.0 (Just Rambo & Crazy Sexy Mike) vs. New Wave (Kris Jokic & Oliver Carter)

This was an interesting match in the sense that the New Wave was actually able to get a great match out of Dark Society Vol 2.0, who have yet to really show their abilities as a true tag team. Here, they were able to do that in spades and there were many moments where both teams would trade having control over one another. As Kris Jokic found himself close to defeat, however, he valiantly fought off both Rambo and Mike to get Rambo set up for the Instant Kill, leading to the 3-count.


El Phantasmo vs. Lucky Kid

It is very rare that two gentlemen in the ring could have chemistry to the point where they tongue kiss. But apparently, Lucky Kid and EL P have that with each other (okay, it wasn’t an actual makeout session but you get the point. This was an absolute blast of a match to watch in the beginning, as El-P matched the wacky antics of Lucky Kid and even took it as far as it could have gone (for now). The shtick might have lasted a bit too long, but once the two started trading acrobatic counters and chain grappling reversals the match really went into the next gear. While John Killinger came out, Pascal also joined him to view the match. At one point, Lucky Kid got distracted by the two on the outside and slipped up after seemingly having El-P figured out for the majority of the match. A small opening gave El-P the chance to kick Kid off of the top rope and hit both a senton bomb and a huge moonsault for the win.


Episode 8

Dover vs. Cem Kaplan (Lumberjack Match)

This was an awesome match, not really because it ever took off into the next gear for Dover or Kaplan but because their respective factions (New Wave and Group Anarsi) would eventually go at it and cause mass hysteria in the ring. Security personnel was tossed around and overall it had a real gang-land style rumble feel to it. This usually makes matches worse in terms of definitively ending in a no contest but it sets up this heated rivalry even further.


It’s Benji vs. Tarkan Aslan

Benji got an “opportunity” from the Dark Society Vol. 2 in this match against Tarkan, but he was totally out of his element as Tarkan was having none of his boyish antics, eventually finishing the match with a tombstone piledriver to get the quick W over the Loserweight champion.


Matt Cross vs. Pascal Spalter

When it comes to pure storytelling in the ring, this was one of, if not the best match of the season for that. Spalter played the role of a big tough veteran and Cross was the undersized hard worker with the crowd behind him. While Pascal would toss him around the ring with different slams and suplexes, Cross would continuously get back up and even rebound off of strong strikes to get maneuvers in to counter with. After a valiant effort and almost making the match end via double knockout, Cross went to the top for a shooting star press but had to roll out of the way in the last second as Spalter got back up and hit his finisher, “That’s A Wrap” to defeat Cross with the 3-count.


Episode 9

Cash Money Erkan vs. Orlando Silver

Before the match could officially begin, Erkan attacked Silver during his entrance and was able to get the upper hand early. After getting some momentum, Silver would actually take control of the match before Erkan used his size and strength to continuously punish Silver with devastating strikes, eventually getting the win after using his “Cash Money Kick” to get the pinfall on Silver.


John Klinger vs. Lucky Kid

In a perfectly enjoyable main event, Lucky Kid took on Bad Bones. As usual, Lucky Kid played a lot of mind games and used relatively sexual advances to freak out Bad Bones, who was unable to get a grasp on Lucky Kid for the majority of the first half of the match. Whether it was making Bad Bones fall over, holding onto his leg and avoiding strikes or just suggestively taunting, Lucky Kid looked really good in this match. Eventually, however, Bad Bones would get to work on the young Kid and land many powerful strikes and maneuvers. Unfortunately, the match had to be declared a no-contest after Pascal Spalter interfered and cost both of them the match. This would have been beyond an 8 if it wasn’t for the finish.


Episode 10

Grup Anarsi vs. New Wave

This was a pretty well-paced affair and made good work of all 10 men in the ring. The strength and dirty tactics of the Grup Anarsi were perfectly contrasted with the athletic and technical styles of the New Wave. After just about everyone was able to get some of their offense in, things erupted into a huge brawl and of all the people, it would end up being the group leader Ali Aslan who got the pinfall victory over Sensa Volta after hitting a senton splash after Cem Kaplan hit a huge double knee rib breaker. It was a good match and very epic in scale but felt a bit underwhelming given the way that Anarsi has been seen over the season.


Murat AK vs. Chris Colen

The final match of the season was between the GWF Champ Chris Colen and Murat AK. Murat has been a dominant force throughout the entire season, so it was going to be interesting to see him take on the company ace. The match, however, was a bit slow and methodical, which let the two space out their offense, but it also put a highlight on their lack of speed, which gave a catch-22 feel to this match. Despite Murat’s brutal offense, Colen would eventually bounce off of the ropes for a big lariat and climb to the top rope for a huge diving elbow to finish the match and the season on top.


Overall Season Grade:


GWF provides an extremely well-produced independent product. This season was a huge improvement over the first, and the show seems to really be starting to pick up steam. The talent here is a bit shared with the European scene, but with multiple fantastic matches, it’s clear that GWF is a solid presence in the wrestling world and should be here for quite a while.

Photo courtesy GWF

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