NWA Powerrr Episode 8 – Review

Miguel Meza

The most recent episode of NWA’s series of studio wrestling “Powerrr” went up this past Tuesday as it built up the highly anticipated pay-per-view Into The Fire, which will be streaming live from Atlanta, Georgia on December 14th, 2019 on FITE TV.

This episode had a much different feel to the studio wrestling formula that the prior episodes have had, as this only had one match and recapped a lot of the storylines going on in the NWA.


The only match of this episode, which has faced some criticism by fans for its lack of wrestling, is between the wildly popular Question Mark and one half of the Dawsons in Zane Dawson. The match was a Mask vs. Shakespeare match, which to my knowledge, is the first of its kind, in which the loser of the match would either unmask or recite Shakespeare, depending on who would lose between Mark and Zane. The match was quick, as the Question Mark pretty much squashed Zane with his usage of the throat strike that he has been using to take down everyone. After the match, Zane had to recite Shakespeare, much to the dismay of Aron Stevens, who accompanied The Question Mark to the ring.



We then got an interview from Joe Galli to Melina, who made her debut on NWA last week. In the interview, she broke down that her position is to help others like ____ and Thunder Rosa reach their potential and that Allysin Kay should be on the lookout for her presence.


After this, we had the second part of a documentary that follows Thunder Rosa in her MMA career, “Into The Cage”. The documentary did a great job of highlighting her passion and dedication to the sport and made her seem like a legitimate threat to the champion.


That wraps it up for this episode, which a lot of people have speculated on as to why it is such a different episode to all of the other ones. Of course, there is the obvious comment made by everyone that the Jim Cornette exit from this last week was the reason for the seemingly disjointed production, however, people like Eli Drake have come out to detest these claims.

Overall, it didn’t have the quality that the other episodes have been touted for and it was a bit underwhelming but it still had the same feel and look of nostalgia and as Eli Drake said, you can’t always have an amazing episode. And one meh episode out of 8 normally fantastic episodes isn’t that bad, and next week’s episode should be huge with Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Starks and the Rock N’ Roll Express vs. The Wild Cards for the NWA Tag Team Championships.

Grade: 5/10

Photo Credit: NWA

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