NWA: Into The Fire (Match Card & Predictions)

Miguel Meza

NWA Into The Fire is set to take place on December 14th on FITE.TV and is available for pre-order now!

Of course, this is the first ever NWA PPV following the release its new & wildly popular studio wrestling show “Powerrr” and this is one of the most anticipated events of the month.

Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark


This should be a fun match, as Murdoch and Mark will undoubtedly have some good chemistry as they both focus on that old-school wrestling style that is highlighted by the NWA’s presentation. However, as much as the fans have loved Murdoch’s return to the squared circle, The Question Mark is a hot commodity and has been pushed to the moon. There is a chance of a DQ finish, but I think its a bit early to do that to The Question Mark’s character.

Prediction: Question Mark 

Ashley Vox and Allyson Kay vs. Melina & Thunder Rosa or Marti Belle (TBD)


It might be controversial to say this, but I believe that Melina will not compete at Into The Fire. I believe instead of this, we will see Rosa and Belle team up only for Kay to defeat one of them clean, only for Melina to come in and make a statement by attacking her. This would protect the champ but give the group surrounding Melina the heat back by the end of the night.

Prediction: Kay and Vox 

Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake


This grudge match has been nothing short of entertaining in the weeks building up to this. Of course, Drake and Anderson both find themselves in the middle of the pack when it comes to the NWA title picture. which means that it is both important to the future of the NWA and also difficult to predict.

Precition: Eli Drake 

The Rock N’ Roll Express (c) vs. The Wild Cards


Following their upset loss, The Wildcards are looking to reclaim their titles against Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson and it should be a pretty entertaining affair. It might be tough to say this, but despite the feelgood moment that was provided with their win, the titles will probably go back to The Wildcards unless some outside interference occurs (which can happen, as Santana and Ortiz probably have a bone to pick with The Wildcards).

Prediction: The Wild Cards 

Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks vs. Colt Cabana (c) for The NWA National Championship


The bulk of the programming on NWA “Powerrr” has been centered on the highly coveted National Championship. Cabana picked it up from Storm, who is now in the main event of this show, which makes it seem like this title will be given to whoever has next on the main championship pucture. Starks is the underdog, by far, as despite his win over Stevens a few weeks ago, he has been seen as a bit of a young up-and-comer. Cabana is the clear favorite, as he’s represented the NWA for a long time and they seem keen on keeping the sense of tradition. However, I believe that there is a good chance that The Question Mark may interfere in this triple threat match (which should be under NODQ rules).

Prediction: Aron Stevens 

James Storm vs. Nick Aldis (c) for The NWA Heavyweight Championship (2 Out-of-Three Falls)


As for what is considered the main event, Nick Aldis will defend his championship agaisnt James Storm which has had only a few weeks of admitiddely intriguing build. Kamille will not be at ringside, but seeing as Storm has some sort of secret from her despite her ties with Aldis, it would be a safe bet to say she will show up to some extent. There is a lot riding on this match, but seeing as Aldis has always been one step ahead of the compeititon, I think Kamille will come out to play some shenanigans on Storm during the last pinfall.

Prediction: Nick Aldis 

Overall, this should be an entertaining show with a plethora of great stories that will no doubt have some exciting twists and turns. With the fact that the PPV is the first of a new era, there is little doubt that there won’t be some exciting stuff, especially with Stu Bennett joining the commentary booth.





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