NWA Powerrr: Episode 9 Review

Miguel Meza

Episode 9 of Powerrr released last Tuesday, December 3rd and was the actual go-home show for the upcoming NWA PPV Into The Fire (information for ordering below) and served as the season finale.

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The show opened up with Colt Cabana getting ready to go 1-on-1 with Ricky Starks, who he helped against The Question Mark and Aron Steven’s attacks last week. Of course, before the match could be actually started, Stevens and The Question Mark came out as Stevens protested Stark’s championship match at Into The Fire.


So instead, Cabana offered Stevens the match against Starks so that if he were to win, he would be added to the match. Stevens accepted and even sent The Question Mark to the backstage area to prove that he could beat Starks without outside interference.

Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens

This was a quick match, that started off with a hilarious spot where Stevens used his scarf to attack Starks. Eventually, Aron would fake a knee injury as The Question Mark would land his Karate Strike on Starks so that Stevens could pick up the pinfall victory and add himself to the match at Into The Fire.



Following this match, we got a promo from James Storm. From the comfort in his own home kitchen, Storm blasted the NWA for covering up several unaired segments that contained wins over NWA Champion Nick Aldis. He bragged about Kamille telling him a secret and even went on to claim that it is a conspiracy theory against himself as he says that Billy Corgan prefers Aldis as champion than any other.


After this promo, we got a video package that hyped up The Question Mark and further pushed the mystery behind the mask. We were introduced to a character that claims that The Question Mark gets fun out of being a mystery.


The next segment was a ringside interview with Melina, who tore down the NWA Women’s Champion Allison Kay only for Kay to come out and immediately challenge Melina to a championship match despite being in street clothes.


Melina accepted, but Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa came out and jumped the champion, laying her out in the middle of the ring.


Backstage, we got a quick promo from The Rock N’ Roll Express on how they will pull off the win tonight against The Wild Cards and become nine-time tag champs.


After this, we got an answering promo from Nick Aldis towards James Storm. Nick is also in the comfort of his own home, and sternly refuted the claims that he is avoiding Storm. He also says that he personally asked Billy Corgan for the match at Into The Fire and also said that Kamille will not be at ringside for the match so that there can be no excuse for his victory.


The next season of NWA Powerrr was also announced, which will start airing December 17th.

The Rock N’ Roll Express vs. The Wildcards (c) NWA World Tag-Team Championships

The main event of the episode was this highly-anticpated match between the young champions (Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs) and the veteran challengers (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson). Of course, the RNR Express are both pushing past 60 years old and were seen as the huge underdogs going into the match against the champs. The match was admittedly a bit slow in pace, which worked in the favor of the challengers as they continuously reversed power moves and got out of lockups against the Wild Cards. A rollup from Morton onto Isaacs got the Express their win and ninth NWA Tag Team Championship. Yes, the match wasn’t the greatest athletic contest, but it was a touching moment to see them win in this era and seeing Jim Cornette (who recently exited from the company) celebrate with them was quite the image.



After the match, we got a round-up of the matches announced for Into The Fire, and it was here where Nick Aldis revealed the surprising announcement that Stu Bennett (FKA Wade Barrett) would be joining the NWA commentary team.


Overall Episode Grade: 7.6/10

This episode is a bit lacking in wrestling content, with only one real match as the main event. However, the promos from Aldis and Storm were phenomenal at building their feud up. That, along with Melina’s segment with her posse attacking Kay was very entertaining and of course, we cannot forget Steven’s hilarious dialogue and The Question Mark’s continuously mysterious booking. Good stuff.




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