About Us

Ashley Rose Nova

Indie Empire: A Wrestling Magazine founded by pro-wrestling journalist Ashley El Phantasma FKA Ashley Rose Nova. She has contributed to multiple platforms such as Steel Chair Magazine, Daily DDT, My Fantasy Sports Talk, The Chairshot, and others.

Along with a team and editor involved in pro-wrestling journalism with a combined number of 10+ years experience. Indie Empire is setting out on the course to alter, modify, and regenerate the landscape of pro-wrestling journalism. By providing opportunities to up and coming journalist. Indie Empire will utilize the talents of these individuals, that share the love for indie wrestling.

This will allow the ability to show wrestling journalism in a different light and allow the spotlight to be shown on in-ring talent on a global scale.

Our mission statement declared from our founder:
“We are here for you, regardless if you will have us. Indie Empire will offer you the support from pro-wrestling journalism in a professional manner with strength, energy, and boldness. Allowing us to show the world the passion of in-ring performances.”

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